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Work at Home and Online Instruction Toolbox for Faculty and Staff
The following links and documentation are for IT tools and services that enable a variety of remote capability. Additionally, CIT is offering classes in Lib 436 going over this material. You can sign up using the form at Blackboard/Panopto Training - LIB 436 For faculty who have no previous...
rating 22 May, 2020

Faculty and Staff Working at Home
Eastern maintains a WebEx service that can be accessed at https://easternct.webex.com. First time users who need to run a Webex meeting should click on Sign In and create an account using the Sign Up option. Once signed in, users can create meetings. Attendees don't require an account, only the...
rating 13 Apr, 2020
Polling in MS Teams
MS Teams has a polling feature that can be used in chat or a live meeting. Results are visible to team members in real time. Access the chat from the live meeting Click the three dots at the bottom of the chat tool Click Forms (if it's not already showing then search for forms in the Find an...
rating 15 Apr, 2020
Emailing All MS Team Members
Emailing all MS Teams members requires a one-time modification of the default MS Teams email subscription settings in the Outlook desktop app or Office 365 online version. Once modified, you can use the MS Team email address to send an email to all MS Team members. The instructions below describe...
rating 17 Apr, 2020
Webex Training - Breakout Sessions
This article covers creating a breakout session in Webex Training, facilitating breakout sessions, and sharing a past breakout session. To access Webex Training log into your Eastern's Webex account at https://easternct.webex.com/ and click the Webex training link at the The following video...
rating 22 May, 2020
Sign Up for Webex Account
Webex accounts are created using the instructions below, they are specific to Eastern and not related to the free accounts you can get at Webex's main site. Note, students do not need an account to join a presentation, only the host (professor) needs an account. Students can sign up if they want...
rating 27 May, 2020

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