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Credit Card Policy

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Eastern Policy Regarding On Campus Credit Card Solicitation
Connecticut State University System Policy Statement

The proliferation of credit cards being offered to college students and the increasing credit card debt incurred by them has been and continues to be a concern to institutions of higher education, including the Connecticut State University System. However, the System realizes that students may be interested in obtaining information regarding the terms and conditions of various consumer credit card offers, as well as application materials. The System also recognizes that commercial vendors, including credit card marketers, are possessed of certain First Amendment rights.

Accordingly, it is and shall be the policy of the Connecticut State University System that credit card vendors shall be permitted to solicit students on the campuses of the System universities in accordance with all applicable federal and state laws and the posted policies of Eastern Connecticut State University.

Eastern Connecticut State University Procedures

1. Vendors wishing to offer credit cards to Eastern students must make application to be on campus, be approved and assigned a date and time to solicit students. Applications are to be made at the Student Activities Office in the University Student Center.

2. All such activities will take place only in the Student Center from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Vendors may make application for one-day blocks of time and are not allowed to be on campus during orientation programs or class registration.

3. Vendors shall not offer gifts on or off site, including "exchange" coupons, to students in exchange for completing credit card applications.

4. Vendors shall not collect personal information from students for any purpose. Credit card applications may not be completed on campus. Students may, however, mail or otherwise deliver completed application materials to an off campus office of the bank or other soliciting entity at a later time.

5. Vendors shall display signage during the time they are on campus identifying the bank or other entity they represent.

6. Vendors approved to market to students are required to provide at least once during the academic calendar, one in person debt management/credit card education presentation at a time and location designated by the University. This presentation must occur prior to the approved date of the marketing event. The designated location must be open to all students and the University must advertise the event no less than one week prior to the presentation in a manner that is accessible by all students. The vendor at least one month prior to the presentation, must submit all educational materials to be used in the presentation for review and approval by the University. Vendors shall also make available campus-supplied debt education materials promoting the responsible use of credit cards to each student receiving a credit card application.

Where to Get Help

A student experiencing a crisis regarding credit card debt can get help by contacting the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs: (860) 465-4412.

Credit Card Debt Awareness

Designed to create student awareness of circumstances leading to credit card debt, students shall be presented financial planning and debt education information during new student orientation and at planned sessions throughout the academic year.

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