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Submit a Portfolio

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Last updated: 04 Dec, 2019

If you are eligible, the provost will have added you to a Blackboard Organization named for the review your are involved with. You will find this in Blackboard, on either the My Eastern tab or the Community Tab, provided you still have the default My Organizations Module there. If you have removed those modules, you can either add them again, or use the Organization Search tool or the Browse the Organization Catalog tool found on the Community tab.

IMPORTANT: Do not follow these steps until you have completed your portfolio and are ready to submit it for review. Once you submit your portfolio you will not be able to add to it or resubmit it.
  1. After locating the organization, click on it to access it. The interface is the same as regular Blackboard courses only your role is that of a student.
  2. On the application area, find the appropriate department icon and click it.
  3. Click on the Assignment icon
  4. Click select portfolio.
  5. Select the appropriate portfolio from your list of portfolios.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Click Submit again.
  8. Do not close the window until you see a confirmation message.
IMPORTANT: Following the above instructions submits a copy of your portfolio for review. Your original copy of the portfolio can be modified, but it will not update the copy of what you submitted. Once you submit your portfolio that copy remains static.

The AAUP Contract will have supplied you with submission deadlines. Your access to the organization will be removed after the deadline. 

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