Electronic Mailing Lists

Eastern maintains electronic mailing lists for use by the campus community to facilitate communication within campus organizations.  Mailing lists may also be created for other purposes provided the guidelines are met.

Each list consists of two or more email addresses that are used to send messages to each email address in the list simultaneously.   Only list members can send messages to the list or receive messages from the list.  When a list member replies to a message, all list members receive a copy.  Depending on the configuration of the list, users may be able to subscribe or unsubscribe themselves.

Creation of new lists is a limited service that the University considers on a case-by-case basis. Lists may be terminated at any time at the discretion of University or the list-owner.  The University assumes no obligation to maintain archives or records associated with them.  Limitations on the lists will be provided to the list-owner at the time the list is created.

Lists must be:

  1. Directly associated with the academic mission of Eastern Connecticut State University or foster scholarship.
  2. Used in a manner consistent with but not limited to the ECSU Policy on Computer Use and the Policy on Student Use of University Computer Systems and Networks found at  https://easternct.makekb.com/11/ as well as state and federal laws.
  3. Maintained by a faculty or staff member of Eastern Connecticut State University who has accepted responsibility for maintenance of the list as the list-owner.  (Lists may be used and maintained by student organizations provided a faculty or staff member is a sponsor of the student organization and agrees to own or co-own the list.)
  4. Approved by the Dean, director of the department or a Vice President when not directly supporting courses.
  5. Used after consideration has been given to other tools such as a course management system.

Individuals interested in this service need to complete and submit the List Creation Request Form

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