NetOp Vision Software

NetOp Vision Software

NetOp Vision is installed in computer classrooms in Webb Hall. Using NetOp, the instructor can prevent the student from using the machine while lecturing, broadcast his or her screen, or the screen of another student, to all the other screens in the class, mark up the featured screen to highlight a lesson, monitor activity on the student screens, chat with students, or remote control a student PC for one-on-one instruction.

Benefits for the Instructor
You can control, from your teaching station, the computers within your classroom. With NetOp Vision, you can run demonstrations of any installed software application, PowerPoint presentations, videos or web pages without the use of an overhead projector. NetOp also empowers the instructor to disable student keyboards and mice, focusing the class on the material you are presenting. You can start a text chat with students on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis. This can be used to provide help or individual instruction from the teaching station. Students may also request help from the instructor by clicking the Help icon located in the system tray.

NetOp Vision Features

Feature Demonstration and How To Video

Setup Netop Class for Viewing Student Screens on Mac Teaching Station

  1. Open Vision from Launch Pad or the Applications folder.
  2. Give your class a name and click done.

  3. Upon creating your class, it will be empty.  Click Add to begin adding computers.

  4. Use the search on the top left to type in the computer names (Yellow Arrow). Drag the computer from the left sidebar into your class room.
    Select the computer you would like to view (Red Arrow) and select Live View (Green Arrow).  The student will have to enable screen recording on their screen.

Enable Screen Recording on the Student Computer.

  1. Click Open System Preferences

  2. Scroll to find Vision Student and check it off. 

  3. Select Quit & Reopen

Screen Recording has been enabled. Use the Live View feature in Netop Vision Teacher.  The Showcase feature seems to work intermittently.

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