First-Time MFA Setup

The MFA process requires a one-time setup of your notification preference (app, text, or phone call). There are a variety of permutations possible for differing situations and circumstances. Once MFA is activated for your Eastern account and you successfully authenticate with MFA, you will be prompted by MFA every 30 days on your off-campus device(s).  

To configure (or edit) your Eastern MFA profile, visit

First-Time MFA Setup

1. Enter your full Eastern email. eg.

2. Choose Work or school account.

3. Enter your Eastern password.

4. Stay signed in? This section is up to the user's discretion.

5. Click the blue Next button.

6. There are four steps:

  1. Leave the first pull-down set to Authentication phone.
  2. Select a country code or region, for most of us it will be the first option (+1 United States).
  3. Enter a phone number in the box to the right of the Country or region pull-down.
  4. Choose your Method. If you entered a mobile phone you may choose either Send me a code by text message or Call me. If you entered a landline telephone, select the Call me method.
  5. Click Next.

7. The next steps depend on the Method chosen:

8. Your First-Time MFA Setup is done. Click Done to Exit.


For additional Authentication Methods, please see Article 515: Configuring (or Editing) MFA Settings.

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Last updated: 21 Nov, 2019
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