What Computer Should I Buy?

Any brand Windows (Dell, HP, Lenovo) or Mac product will suit most user's needs at Eastern. If you have some experience with either Mac or PC, you should choose one you are comfortable with, there’s no need to add the stress of learning a new system with all the other new responsibilities you will have. Depending on specific software needs, for example photo/video editing or data collection, the user may need to get a better processor or GPU. 

When using MS office and browsing the web, an i3 or i5 processor is enough with an onboard graphics card. We recommend having a minimum of 250GB worth of storage space and 8GB of RAM.

A heavy photo or video editing machine may require a dedicated GPU, along with 16GB of RAM and an i7 processor. Typically the software will label the minimum hardware requirements needed, however it is the responsibility of the user to check for compatibility. 

We do not recommend Chromebooks or iPads as they run smart phone operating systems and aren’t capable of all that a computer needs to do.

There is no need to buy MS Office Software, Eastern gives you MS Office at no cost. We also have a student IT Orientation site that lists some of the IT services and information you will need to get started at Eastern.

Student IT Orientation:


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