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Creating a Sign-Up Sheet A sign-up list is the electronic version of a paper 'sign-up sheet' on a noticeboard and can be added to any content area in a Blackboard course. It allows students to sign up for anything such as an activity where places are limited. You can use this tool to allow students to sign up for one-off events (such as workshops, revision sessions or field trip) or ongoing group events (such as seminars or tutorial groups). If you are offering a choice of several sessions, such as three possible seminar slots each week, a separate list will be needed for each instance. The Create Group Set tool allows you to create multiple lists quickly with just one operation. Please note that students can sign up to more than one list. Therefore, if you are offering students a choice of sessions, you may wish to group the lists in a folder with instructions telling them that they should only sign up for one of the available options.

Create a Group Set (e.g. for multiple seminar slots)

To create a sign-up list, follow these steps:

To make the sign up sheet available to students:

This will add a link from the menu to the sign-up sheets. When the students follow this link they will see the following screen: 

If they click on the View Sign-up sheet button they will be taken to the next screen where they can select their group. This next screen is where your instructions will appear:

View students who have signed-up

To view the students who have signed up to a list:

To manually add/delete members of the group:

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