Weighted Total Column in Blackboard's Full Grade Center

Purpose and Applications:

The WEIGHTED TOTAL column enables instructors to set the weight (or value) of individual assignments and assignment categories independent of the number of points in an assignment. If you set every assignment to 100 points but count one assignment as 10% and another as 25%, this is the column for you.

How to Set Up Your Weighted Total Column:

Preparing to Use the Weighted Total Column

To set up the Weighted Total, all required columns and categories you will count in your calculations must pre-exist.



Bb Gradebook

Weekly Quizzes

= 15%

Quiz Category

= 15%

Unit Tests

= 15%

Test Category

= 15%

Final Exam

= 5%

Final Exam Column

= 5%

Online Discussions

= 25%

Discussion Category

= 25%

Major Assignment 1

= 20%

Assignment 1 Column

= 20%

Major Assignment 2

= 20%

Assignment 2 Column

= 20%

Customizing the Weighted Total Column

Setting Up the Weighted Grade Calculation

Additional Settings

The remainder of the page allows you to:

Quick Tips for Use

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