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Campus Wide Reporting Application – WebFOCUS

Note: Our current On-Premise WebFocus reporting software has been moved to a Cloud version.  WebFocus is only available from on campus or via VPN. More details are below.

Eastern has a self-service reporting tool to run common reports from the University’s student information system. It uses your technology account (the same account used to log into your email). Below is a list of a few common reports for new faculty. Every report has an About the Report link on the main screen, which describes the purpose of the report. This tool is available to all faculty, and is accessible from Eastern Faculty/Staff portal or at:

Link: https://reports.bi.ct.edu/ibi_apps/signin

Regarding the transition to the cloud:

Navigating the Software:

  1. When you first login to eReports it will look either like fig. 1 or fig 2. In fig. 1 you do not see the Shared with Me and Workspaces options in the top menu like you do in fig. 2. This is because the window that opened up is too narrow, increase the width of the window to get the version you see in fig. 2.  
    Fig. 1
  2. Select Workspaces to see the listing of reports you are authorized to run (Fig. 2) 
    Fig. 2
  3. You will see the listing of folders you have access to. Double click on the folder to see the reports (Fig. 3)
    Fig. 3
  4. The reports on the screen shot below are displaying in icon view (Fig. 4). If you want to see the listing of reports in List View, click on the icon circled below in red and select List View. Scroll down to Fig. 5 to see what this looks like. 
    Fig 4
  5. To run a report you can double click the report and it will open in the current window. If you want the report to open in a separate window you should right mouse click on the report and select View in New Window see Fig. 6. The reports were not changed and should run exactly like they did in the previous version. 
    Fig. 5
  6. View in New Window (Fig. 6)
    Fig. 6

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