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Strange text in Blackboard Learn: @X@artifact_39405_1@X@

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Last updated: 11 Oct, 2019

Strange characters can appear in any Blackboard Learn tool that starts with @x@artifact followed by a number and then @x@.

For example:

  • @X@artifact_39405_1@X@

The behavior may affect some but not all users/students.

This is a Known Issue in Blackboard:

Creating a Reusable HTML Object in a Content Area Does Not Give Read Permissions to All Users
Date Published: Sep 05,2012  
Article No.: 000018769
Service Pack: 9.1 SP2 (9.1.482.2), 9.1 SP1 (9.1.452.0), 9.1 HF1 (9.1.407.9)
Issue Description: Creating a reusable HTML object in the Content Area (from Menu) does not give read permissions to all course user so students see something like @X@artifact_10920_2@X@

To fix the issue the instructor must modify the permissions on the HTML file that resides in the Content Collection.

To change the permission on an HTML file:

  • Access the Content Collection and select the folder for the course.
  • Pull down the menu to the right of the content item's title and select Permissions.
  • Pull down the menu titled Specific Users by Place and click Course.
  • Check the box for the appropriate course in the first area.
  • Check the box for All Course Users in the second area.
  • Check the box for Read permissions.
  • Click Submit.
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