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Work at Home and Online Instruction Toolbox for Faculty and Staff
The following links and documentation are for IT tools and services that enable a variety of remote capabilities. Additionally, CIT offers training and support sessions. Instructions on how to book a session are in Article 543: Book Training with CIT. For faculty who have no previous experience...
rating 4 Apr, 2024
Instructions to access your Quarantine Folder
To verify emails that have gone to quarantine, go to your Quarantine page via the following link: https://security.microsoft.com/quarantine. Once there, you will see a list of emails that can be sorted and filtered. For specific how-to instructions, please refer to the following links: To...
rating 5 Sep, 2023
How to Embed a Video into a Blackboard Course from the Build Content menu
rating 27 Dec, 2022
Weighted Total Column in Blackboard's Full Grade Center
Purpose and Applications: The WEIGHTED TOTAL column enables instructors to set the weight (or value) of individual assignments and assignment categories independent of the number of points in an assignment. If you set every assignment to 100 points but count one assignment as 10% and another as...
rating 20 Jan, 2023