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Network Services
Disabling WiFi On HP Printers
Note: Some HP WiFi-compatible printers may interfere with campus wireless network activity. To keep wireless channels free of interference, follow the steps below to disable HP wireless printer services. For most models: Use the printer menu and locate the Setup option. Select Network from...
rating 19 Oct, 2016
Wireless Printing in the Library
IMPORTANT: The links in this article are only accessible when using a computer within Eastern's Network (on-campus). Library Guests: Windows Computers: To print to the library's coin-operated printers via a wireless connection: Connect to the library's wireless network: Guest access...
rating 24 Apr, 2018
Remote Desktop Access
The following will allow you to gain access to your desktop computer from home via the VPN. IMPORTANT: The VPN server will auto disconnect you after either ten minutes of inactivity, or one hour of connect time. If you still have work to do, you may browse back to the VPN server and sign back in...
rating 18 Apr, 2018
VPN Login for Faculty and Staff
The ECSU VPN server is a device that creates a Virtual Private Network between your home computer and the Eastern campus. With a VPN connection, you may access files on your Z-drive via the Internet or remote control your office computer from home. IMPORTANT: Only the departments using the ITS...
rating 30 Dec, 2016
Accessing SharePoint From Off-Campus (VPN)
Access to the SharePoint site from off-campus requires use of the VPN. Browse to the Faculty and Staff home page on the Eastern web site - Click on the VPN link under Online Resources or access the VPN directly: Logon...
rating 16 Jul, 2015
Wireless Services
Eastern offers the following wireless signals: ECSU-BYOD and ECSU-BYOD5 These signals are provided for Eastern account holders only (students, faculty, and staff). Users can connect with their Eastern accounts for temporary access or register devices for the duration of the academic year. To...
rating 01 Mar, 2018
Residential Computer Fact Sheet
Eastern Connecticut State University Residential Computing Fact Sheet The ECSU residential computer network, better known as Resnet, provides network connectivity for all residential students. Resnet is designed to be as reliable as is possible in providing learning services plus office and...
rating 20 Feb, 2015
VPN Login for Students
VPN Login for Students The ECSU VPN server is a device that creates a Virtual Private Network between your home computer and the Eastern campus. With a VPN connection, you may send files back and forth via the Internet without anyone eavesdropping. IMPORTANT: Your username must be typed as...
rating 24 Feb, 2015
General Z-Drive Information
Eastern provides individual network storage space to all users on secure back-up servers. You may use this storage space to back up important documents or for additional storage. The benefit of placing files on your Z-drive is twofold: If your desktop computer should breakdown, your important...
rating 23 Jan, 2017
Email Web Access
Email Web Access Faculty, Staff, and Students can access their email online by clicking on the appropriate link from the Office 365 portal: Office 365 Portal IMPORTANT: When entering your account info use the whole email address.
rating 24 Apr, 2018

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