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Strange text in Blackboard Learn: @X@artifact_39405_1@X@
Strange characters can appear in any Blackboard Learn tool that start with @x@artifact followed by a number and then @x@. For example: @X@artifact_39405_1@X@ The behavior may affect some but not all users/students.This is a Known Issue in Blackboard: Creating a Reusable HTML Object in a...
rating 04 Dec, 2014
Blackboard Incorrect Username and Password (Expired Password)
If your password suddenly stopped working in Blackboard and you are positive that you are typing the username and password correctly, the problem is most likely caused by an expired password. Please remember that your username MUST be typed completely in lowercase letters and your password must be...
rating 29 Dec, 2016
Blackboard Section Purge Policy
The Blackboard Section purge process will be executed biannually every January and June. Blackboard section content will be available in the production system for faculty use for a duration of two years. Section data more than two years old, calculated by the start of the current semester, will be...
rating 14 Dec, 2016
Missing or Blank Courses in Blackboard
Courses may not appear in a students's Blackboard account until the start date of the course. If the course is still not available after the start date first confirm that you are properly registered and then refer to the following information: Confirm that your professor is using Blackboard....
rating 20 Feb, 2015
Blackboard Issues
Blackboard Issues Some people are experiencing an issue with Blackboard mail and other features of Blackboard . These problems are typically related to the Java plugin. Java is specific to individual machines and may or may not be installed on your machine. Can't Log In: Your Blackboard...
rating 02 Oct, 2015
Java Issues with Blackboard
Java Issues Blackboard If you ever see any kind of Security Warning pop-up messages or Java Prompts in Blackboard you should click Always Run or Always Trust to avoid seeing them in the future.
rating 20 Feb, 2015
Hiding a Blackboard Course or Term
Note: This process is to hide a course from your personal course lists. It does not hide a course from other participants. It only hides it from your list as a means of simplifying your list. Faculty who want to hide a course from students should follow the instructions in Article 503: Make a...
rating 01 Mar, 2019
Saving Word Documents as HTML for use in Blackboard
Saving Word Documents as HTML for use in Blackboard Strange characters particularly questions marks throughout your document occur when you use MSWord to generate your HTML. When you choose Save as Web Page from your Word document, the result is an HTML document that uses XML. Blackboard cannot...
rating 20 Feb, 2015
Adding Students to a Blackboard Course Section
Adding Students to a Blackboard Course Section Students cannot add themselves to a Blackboard class. If they are properly registered with the Registrar and the course uses Blackboard (not all do), then they will be added to the Blackboard part of the class automatically. Faculty who wish to deny...
rating 20 Feb, 2015
Creating Blackboard Course Sections
Blackboard Courses are automatically created in Blackboard Learn 9 and student enrollment is automatically generated. Students may not see a course until the first day of class, or a course may appear but have no content if the professor chooses not to use it.
rating 09 Mar, 2015

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