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Blackboard Quick Start Guide
When you open a course in Blackboard for the first time, it's blank. And the only obvious place to put content is the Content Collection. However, the Content Collection is only a place to put content for you, as the instructor. It does not make that content available to your students. To do that,...
rating 24 Jun, 2019
Add Users to a Blackboard Course
Blackboard allows an instructor to add other users to their course who are not automatically added by registration. Log into your course. Expand the Users and Groups section on the Control Panel. Select Users Click Find Users to Enroll on the action bar, above the Search tool at the top...
rating 19 Oct, 2018
Clear Student Attempt in Grade Center
If a student began a submission (test or assignment) that only allows one submission, but was unable to complete it for some reason, the professor can clear the student's attempt so they can try again. Clearing the attempt allows the student to re-submit the test or assignment again within the...
rating 12 Jul, 2019
Blackboard Combined Sections Request
This form should be filled out by the course owner for the purpose of combining separate Blackboard sections into a single section. This is not for combining Cross Listed Courses. Cross Listed Courses should be combined automatically. IMPORTANT: The combination process will remove any content...
rating 03 Oct, 2014
Identifying Cross-Listed Courses
The following applies only to the instructor's Course List view. Students see only the name of the course for which they are registered. In the event that two courses are cross-listed, the new parent course name will not include the individual course identifiers. In order to find the names of the...
rating 04 Nov, 2016
Add Institutional Content
Content that is common to all courses is stored in the Institutional Content Area and can be linked to your course using the instructions below: Access your course and navigate to the place you want the link to the content to appear. Click on the Build Content menu and choose File. Give it a...
rating 26 Jul, 2018