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How do I Add a Forum to the Discussion Board

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Last updated: 18 Aug, 2023

This lesson covers creating a new forum in the Discussion Board area. The instructions are first presented in a video format, with written instructions to follow.

1. In the control panel, select Course Tools, then select Discussion Board.

2. Click Create Forum.

3. Choose a Name and Description for the Forum.

4. Set the Availability.

5. Choose the Settings and grade if you'd like the grade to appear in the gradebook.

6. You can opt of grading, choose individual thread grades or overall forum grades.

7. Click Submit. Your Forum has been created. 



If you'd like, start the Forum by creating the first thread with directions for students. Follow these steps:


1. Click Create Thread.

2. Add the Subject and the message, which may include questions for students to respond to.

3. You must enter a subject and a message here. You can also attach files if you'd like. When finished, click submit.

4. To link to your Forum from other areas of Blackboard, navigate to the area first

5. From the Build Content menu, click Course Link

6. Find the Discussion Board area and choose the forum to create the link to.

7. Fill in any additional text and availability options and click Submit. Your Forum link has been created

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