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How to add a Weblink in Blackboard

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Last updated: 18 Aug, 2023

Select and click the content area where you want to add the weblink.

Click Build Content and select URL from the menu.

Add a name for your link in the Name field and paste the URL into the URL field from your browser's address bar.

Be sure to type or copy and paste the entire url , beginning with the http://

Optional: Add explanatory text if needed or desired.

You have the option to attach a document to this URL, and choose among a number of Options.

1. Attach a file if you need to

2. Allow the content to open in a new window (advised)

3. Permit useers to view

4. Track views

5. Date and Time Restrictions

Scroll to the bottom or top of the page and click Submit.

You will receive a purple Success message and your weblink will appear in the content area.

All newly added content appears at the bottom of the page, so you may need to scroll to the bottom if you have other content already in this area of your course. It is advised that you now click the URL (weblink) yourself to be sure that it works and that you've pasted it in correctly.

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Article ID: 562
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