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How to Upload a File in Blackboard

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Last updated: 18 Aug, 2023

Follow these instructions to upload a file in Blackboard. The instructions are first presented in a video format, with written instructions to follow.

 Files can be uploaded from a local drive or the course itself, and can be documents, spreadsheets, pdfs, Powerpoint, text, web, or zip file.


1. Choose the Course Area to which you would like to add a file and click on it

2. Click Build Content

3. Choose Item from the Drop Down Menu

NOTE: Creating an Item allows you to add a description of the file, whereas Creating a File (the second option above) you cannot add a description.

4. Enter a name for the file and and explanatory text as desired

5. Browse in order to Attach a File

6.  Look for a file on your computer

7. Once the file is selected, you will see it listed

You can add ADDITIONAL documents to an ITEM by continuing to BROWSE for more items.

8. Select the Options as desired

9. Decide if you want students to see the file immediately once it is uploaded

10.  Allows you to track when and whom is looking at the document

11. Optionally select dates and times the document will appear to students

12. Click Submit. Your file has been uploaded.

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