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Media Services
Lectern Console Quick Reference
These guides describe the basic use of the Media Lecterns in Computer Classrooms: Lectern Guide (Buttons) Lectern Guide (Touchscreen) Concert Hall, Proscenium Theater, and Shaffer Auditorium (Touchscreen)
rating 9 Sep, 2020
Using the Smart Boards (Electronic White Boards)
Using the SMART Boards About the SMART Boards SmartBoards are currently installed in Webb 307, Webb 314, and Webb 206. With them you can write, draw, or type over any Windows application using one of the plastic pens (or even your finger), and you can create presentations that can be saved and...
rating 2 Jun, 2020
Requesting Software Purchases, Renewals and Installations on Campus - Offices, Computer Labs, and Classrooms
Note: The process below is for faculty and staff to request software purchases for Eastern-owned devices. Faculty and staff who wish to obtain software for their personal devices should refer to Article 235: Purchasing Hardware and Software (Home Use). To Request Software Purchases: Specific...
rating 30 Oct, 2023
Reserving and Using Labs and Multimedia Classrooms
Scheduling: The University uses the EMS Scheduling Software system. Any Eastern staff member, faculty member, or student can see the availability of spaces and request spaces by logging into the following web page: https://eschedule.easternct.edu/emswebapp/ If you are new to using EMS at...
rating 2 Jun, 2020
ImageMate Manual - Document Cameras for Virtual Class
The document camera can’t show to virtual students when selecting it as a source on the lectern, instead you have to use the computer such that whatever web conferencing tool you use will distribute the view to the students. The concept is the same whether it’s Mac or PC, but the software might...
rating 14 Sep, 2020
Hardware Requests Information Guide
Information Guide for Hardware and Technology Requests by Faculty and Staff Eligibility Requirement for IT Hardware Loan (e.g., computers, web cameras, etc.): Must be a full-time employee. Laptop Request: Due to a limited amount of available laptop loaners, students will receive priority....
rating 18 Sep, 2020
Voice Amplification for Classrooms
Some Teaching lecterns in Goddard and Communications are equipped with a separate microphone on the lectern for voice amplification. Depending on the classroom, these fixed microphones are located on top of the lectern either to the left or the right of the computer monitor. The image below shows...
rating 27 Jan, 2022