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Using the Smart Boards (Electronic White Boards)

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Last updated: 02 Jun, 2020

Using the SMART Boards

About the SMART Boards
SmartBoards are currently installed in Webb 307, Webb 314, and Webb 206. With them you can write, draw, or type over any Windows application using one of the plastic pens (or even your finger), and you can create presentations that can be saved and printed.

Two SMART Board Programs
The Smartboards feature two programs which are accessible on the instructor's station; the Smart Board Driver prgram and the SMART Notebook program.

Smart Board Driver - Must be open or running in the background

  • Enables alignment of the board with the projected image
  • Converts finger contact into mouse clicks and displays electronic ink
  • Floating tools and floating keyboard can be invoked from the Driver window

SMART Notebook - Not necessary for Board use

  • Allows you to create, organize and save notes/presentations
  • Provides object-creation tools
  • Import and/or capture graphics, text, clip art, entire files from Windows applications

Online Help
Extensive online help documentation is available from the SMART Board Driver program.

Select Contents or Help Topics from the Help menu of the SMART Board Driver program
It contains detailed procedural information on every aspect of the SMART Board Driver program and the SMART Notebook.

Orienting the SMART Board
Before you begin using the board, the computer needs to know exactly where on the Board the projected image is located. Use the SMART Board Driver program to provide this information by performing an orientation procedure which involves touching firmly and precisely on a grid of large red crosses that appear on the screen.

Important Notes
Pens or objects must be in the tray. If one of them is lifted or missing from the tray, the board automatically goes into an "electronic ink" or eraser mode and you will not be able to use your finger to click on menus.
In addition, the small power supply and the communication cable must be connected to the tray before the Board will function.

Questions or Problems?
If you have questions or experience difficulty using the program, please contact the Help desk at extension 1-860-465-4346. If you are in session with a class, please inform them of this and that immediate help is required.

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