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Send Email to All Users with Blackboard

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Last updated: 23 Mar, 2020

Email can be sent to the Eastern Email accounts of all students. Any replies they send will go to the instructor's Eastern Email account. This feature is preferable over the eWeb feature because it doesn't require that you have email software set up on your computer. This feature doesn't require that you use any other feature of BlackBoard it will work whether you use Blackboard for other material or not. Watch the video or use the written instructions below.

Log into Blackboard 

  1. Go to http://easternct.blackboard.com 
  2. Use your Eastern email account and password to access log in.

Find the course you want to email

  1. On the right hand column locate the course
  2. Click on the Course Name

Send Email to the whole class

  1. Click on Course Tools on the left column Menu to open up all the tools. It may be open already if you left it that way the last time you were here.
  2. Scroll down to Send Email (not Course Messages)
  3. Click on Send Email
  4. Click on All Students
  5. Write your subject and message and click Submit

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