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Blackboard Graduate Online Course Structure Template

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Last updated: 07 Jul, 2022

The main purpose of the Blackboard template is to:

  • Provide a structure that will make it easier for students to navigate the course content.
  • Provide consistency to reduce questions with accessing readings, files, lectures, etc.
  • Avoid excessive scrolling as well as excessive clicking.

A .zip file is available as a Blackboard course structure template that you can use as scaffolding to create an 8-week online graduate course.

The template allows you to develop your course by adding content and creating activities, and assessments within the course structure well in advance for upcoming courses.

To use the template, you will need to import it into an existing empty Blackboard course shell by downloading and importing the following .zip file, GRADUATE_ONLINE_8_WK_TEMPLATE.zip, which is also available at the bottom of this article under the Attached Files section. Once the template has been downloaded, follow the steps below.

  1. How to Import the Course Template:
    • (A) Course Management Panel >
    • (B) Click on Control Panel >
    • (C) Click on Packages and Utilities >
    • (D) Click on Import Package/View Logs >
    • (E) Click on Import Package

  1. On the Import Package page, click on the following:
    • (A) Browse My Computer button to access the course package/zip file on your computer, from the Select Course Materials section >
    • (B) Click the Select All button, and then >
    • (C) Click the Submit button.
      • NOTE: Ignore the Restore from Automatic Archives and Node sections.
      • FYI: If you're a Mac user, it's recommended to use Chrome or Firefox as a browser when importing the .zip file. If you use Safari, the .zip file's content will be extracted, which won't allow for the import process to work.

For additional information on the structure of the graduate online course template, please refer to the following article, Blackboard Course Structure Template.
NOTE: There are menu items that may not pertain to graduate online courses.

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Article ID: 678
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