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How to Create a Journal in Blackboard

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Last updated: 18 Aug, 2023

Follow these instructions to create a journal in Blackboard. The instructions are first presented in a video format, with written instructions to follow.

1. Go to the course area within Blackboard where you want your journals to reside and choose Journal under Add Interactive Tool.

2. We have chosen to place the journals in the Course Documents area.

Note: You can create a page on which all of the journals will be listed, or you can just create one new journal

3. Select "Create New Journal"

4. Enter a name for the journal, followed by any directions or description of its purpose

5. Make the journal available to students and determine the remaining journal settings based on your needs

Note: The monthly or weekly Index entries determine how the journal entries appear to the student, either on a monthly or a weekly basis. Typically, and by default in Blackboard, a journal is private between the instructor and the student, so the last setting, "permit course users to view journal", is seldom chosen.

6. Choose grading

7. Click "Submit"

8. Your journal is created.

8. Click Next to initiate the link to the journal in your content area

9. Add text and options

10. Click submit

11. Your new journal and its link have been created

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