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Downloading Kaltura Content from Blackboard

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Last updated: 29 Jan, 2021

The instructions below show how to download your Kaltura media from Blackboard.

To start the process log in to your Eastern Blackboard account. You must have a My Media Module. If you have already have a My Media module on your My Eastern page jump to Step 4

  1. On the My Eastern tab, click Add Module (A).

  2. Locate the search tool in the upper left corner and type: my media (B) and click Go (C).

  3. From the resulting search, click the Add button located below the My Media module (D), click OK (E) to return to the My Eastern page.

  4. On the My Eastern page, locate the My Media module (F) and click on the blue My Media link (G).

  5. If your My Media looks like the image below you have no Kaltura media and no further steps need to be taken. If you do have content in your My Media keep following the steps below.

  6. If you have content you wish to export and save from your My Media Blackboard module, you will need to repeat the steps for each video you wish to save. Click the name of the video (H).

  7. On the resulting page, click the ACTIONS pulldown (I) and choose Edit (J).

  8. From the resulting window click the Downloads tab (K).

  9. Under the Available Formats, click the checkbox next to Source (L). Click Save (M). Then click Go To Media (N).  

  10. A Download tab should now be visible. Click the Download tab (O) and select the Source media file by clicking the download icon (P) located under Actions. If you do not see the Download Tab between Details and Share, repeat steps 6-9.


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