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Remote Desktop Access

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Last updated: 7 Dec, 2022

The following will allow you to gain access to your desktop computer from home via the VPN.

IMPORTANT: The VPN server will auto disconnect you after either 30 minutes of inactivity, or one hour of connect time. If you still have work to do, you may browse back to the VPN server and sign back in again.

Windows PC (Office Mac remote control is not supported but you can control a Office PC from a Home Mac. Jump to Mac Instructions)

The computer name can be found from the Office Computer itself or via the VPN both instructions are listed below:

Acquire the Computer Name from the computer:

  1. Open the file browser Windows Explorer (Not Internet Explorer).
  2. Right-click on This PC and go to properties, make a note of the Computer Name. It's critical that you transcribe this exactly but only the name not the full computer name.

Acquire the Computer Name from the VPN:

  1. Login to the VPN at https://ecsu-vpn.easternct.edu/ as described in Article 8: VPN Login and File Access for Faculty and Staff
  2. Click on the Computer Names link in the Web Bookmarks section.
  3. Find your username and click on it.
  4. Use the resulting name in the instructions below

From The Home Computer

Connecting to the Office Computer from the home computer:

  1. Login to the VPN (https://ecsu-vpn.easternct.edu/) as described in Article 8: VPN Login for Faculty and Staff.
  2. Locate the Terminal Session area and click the PC button.

  3. Fill out the form as follows:

  4. Your VPN home screen will now have a link in the Terminal Sessions section you can use to access your Desktop.

Now you can access the office computer from home by clicking on the bookmark you created. Note that the VPN server will prompt with the same policy notice and authentication screen that you would see if you were actually logging in at your desk.

If you had locked your workstation, your terminal services session will unlock the station and resume the session. At the end of your terminal services session, you will be given a choice of Disconnect or Log off. If you disconnect, it is the same as if you locked your workstation. If you choose Log Off, it will log you out of your session and close all applications as if you logged off of your workstation in the office.

Remote Control an Office PC from a Home Mac

  1. Use the instructions above to identify the computer name
  2. Open a web browser From your Home Mac and log into the VPN at https://ecsu-vpn.easternct.edu/ 
  3. Paste your computer name into the HTML 5 Session Field on the right side of the screen and click Launch

  4. Login with your username and password using your full email address.

  5. Click Continue
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