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Residential Computer Fact Sheet

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Last updated: 30 Sep, 2019

Eastern Connecticut State University Residential Computing Fact Sheet

The ECSU residential computer network, better known as Resnet, provides network connectivity for all residential students.  Resnet is designed to be as reliable as is possible in providing learning services plus office and building operation.  

Use a standard ethernet cable to connect your PC to Resnet.  Ethernet cables are available in Media 252 (no cost).

Personally owned computers must meet certain criteria to be given Internet access.  They must:

  • Have properly licensed and UPDATED operating systems and application software.
  • Be configured to receive automated operating system updates.
  • Have anti-virus software running that is configured to receive automated updates.
  • Not have peer to peer software, viruses, or spyware actively running.

When your PC is physically connected to the network and turned on, it will be checked to determine if it meets these requirements.  If the PC needs to be updated, directions will be provided.  If you need more information about configuring your PC browse to http://help.easternct.edu where you will have access to software upgrades and instructions.

Until these criteria are met, access to the Internet will be blocked.  Local services from ECSU, such as E-mail and Blackboard Vista will remain available.

Personally owned computers that have active peer to peer applications, viruses, or spyware will be quarantined: browsing to any external web site will return a page explaining that the PC is quarantined.  Please see the above Help Page for details and information about how to get out of quarantine.

Students are responsible for maintaining the configuration of their PC. ITS staff cannot repair or reconfigure personally owned computers.

Several network security tools are in use which helps provide enhanced reliability for Resnet.  There are a number of network gateway devices, such as Packeteer and Interspect that screen for illegal applications or activities consistent with virus activity.  The Cisco Clean Access product enforces basic personal computer hygiene.  Anti Virus software is required, which further enhances personal computer hygiene.  While these are common requirements in an enterprise computing environment, they may at first pose an obstacle for the home user.  ECSU Information Technology Services (ITS)  is committed to helping the Resnet computer user succeed in this enterprise environment.

Local services such as the Blackboard Vista course management system, student E-mail, on-line course registration, anti-virus software, and directions for self-directed help are all available online even when the PC is blocked or quarantined.

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