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Form - Technology Account Application
Form - Technology Account Application
rating 28 Oct, 2016
Residence Hall Network Connection Policy
Residence Hall Network Connection Policy The following is a list of rules and regulations established by Connecticut State University governing student connections to the campus computer network from within the Residence Halls. The student will agree to abide by all CSU and ECSU policies...
rating 28 Jun, 2018
Connecting to Wi-Fi at Eastern and Finding Your Mac Address
The instructions below relate to using ECSU-BYOD or ECSU BYOD5. If you are using eduroam, please see Article 180: Wireless Services. Temporary Access Eastern WiFi will allow account holders to connect devices that have browsers and keyboard input (computers, tablets, phones, etc.) when they...
rating 01 Mar, 2018
Creating VPN Bookmarks
IMPORTANT: Only the departments using the ITS Storage Area Network (SAN) have pre-created shortcuts in the VPN. Separate departmental servers such as facilities do not have shortcuts in the VPN. If you do not see your departmental sever you must create your own shortcut. The path to the share must...
rating 09 Mar, 2015
Wireless Printing in The Residence Halls
Choose the appropriate link below to install the printer for your building Windows: Burnap Hall Burr Hall Constitution Hall Crandall Hall High Rise Hall Laurel Hall Mead Hall Niejadlik Hall Noble Hall Nutmeg Hall Occum Hall Winthrop Hall
rating 16 Jul, 2015
ECSU-BYOD Registered Device Still Asks for Username and Password When Using Wireless
ITS has developed an online troubleshooting tool to help expedite solutions for those of you that may be currently experiencing issues with WiFi devices that were successfully registered on the ECSU-BYOD WiFi network on or before September 1, 2015. If your previously registered devices are now...
rating 26 Jul, 2017
Adding Printers on Campus Using the Web Interface
IMPORTANT: These instructions are intended for use only with Internet Explorer on a PC. Adding a Printer: Navigate to http://printers.easternct.edu/ using Internet Explorer 11 (not Edge). Identify the manufacturer of the printer you are trying to add. It can often be found on the printer's...
rating 31 Aug, 2018
Recover a File or Folder Deleted from the Z-Drive
These instructions require that you log into a Windows computer on the network at Eastern Go to the start menu and click on Computer. Right click on the Z-Drive if the file was in the main directory. If the file was in a sub folder, right click the sub folder. Click Properties. Click on the...
rating 23 Jan, 2017

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