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VPN and Citrix Access

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Last updated: 25 Aug, 2020

ITS is now taking remote lab access requests for site-licensed software. If your students require remote access to site-licensed software during your scheduled course times, please fill out the form at the link below for each of your required course sections. Remote access to general purpose labs for homework-use can be requested by filling out the form below, selecting “General Purpose Labs” from the location dropdown menu, and providing your student roster.


Fully-online courses

Instructors and students in fully-online courses will leverage the VPN to access their assigned lab computer for the duration of the requested time. Remote access will be granted at the beginning of the scheduled course time and removed at the end, after which all users will then be logged out of their remote sessions. Student and instructor device assignments will be delivered by email after the request form is processed. Additional instructions are available at the link below.

Hybrid-online courses

The disabled, social-distancing computers in each lab have been organized into remote device pools available using Citrix Workspace. As with fully-online courses, these device pools are only available during the requested timeframe, and students will be logged out at the specified end time. Remote students in hybrid courses will access the social-distancing computers by following the instructions at the link below.


General-purpose labs (Webb 410, Library 1st & 2nd Fl)

Access to general-purpose labs via the VPN and Citrix Workspace is automatically granted for all students presented in the request form roster. Students can identify an available general-purpose lab device for use with the VPN from the availability dashboard below. Clicking the “Connect” button will expose instructions for accessing the devices using the VPN.

Availability dashboard: https://remoteaccess.labstats.com/eastern-connecticut-state-university.html

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