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Connect to Z-Drive (Mac)

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Last updated: 24 Apr, 2018
  1. Open the Go Menu and select Connect to Server.
  2. The Connect To Server window should open up.
  3. Enter the server address starting with smb:// followed by the complete path to your network server folder and click connect. If you do not know the path contact Fawng Li in Network Services at
  4. The system should ask you for authentication.
  5. Enter the your domain, username, and password in the respective fields. Check Add to Keychain and click OK.

Warning: If you have your Mac configured to automatically log on when the machine starts up, then anyone who sits at your desk will have access to your files and Z-drive. ITS recommends that you configure your Mac to require you to log on after startup to prevent this.

A window should open up showing you the contents of your Z-Drive. You may add and remove files as needed. When you close this window you have two options for returning to it.

  • Option 1: You may click on the resulting icon on your desktop, which will bring you to the server your account is on, you can scroll through until you find your folder (it will be names the same as your username).
  • Option 2: You can open the Go menu, click Connect to Server.., and choose the path from the drop down menu. From now on, it will open a window directly to your Z-Drive without asking for a username and password.

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Article ID: 210
Last updated: 24 Apr, 2018
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