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Clifford Marrett, Director

Alvin B. Wood Support Services Center, Second Floor (860) 465-4559

The Center for Internships and Career Development helps meet the career development needs of all Eastern students, from first-year students through graduation. Programs and services are designed to guide and support, while fostering self-direction and personal responsibility in career and life planning. Our office helps students to:

• identify and evaluate skills, interests, abilities, and values
• relate academic pursuits to career goals and objectives
• gather factual information about occupational fields
• build an awareness of the world of work
• define personally meaningful career objectives
• develop job-seeking skills
• explore cooperative education and internship opportunities
• find rewarding employment after college. 

Programs and Services:

Career Counseling

Self-assessment is essential to career development. Career counseling helps you clarify career goals, explore options, and examine interests, values, and talents.  Career counseling sessions are available to assist students with choosing a major, exploring career options, searching for jobs or internships, resume writing, preparing for graduate school, developing interviewing skills, and other career-related topics.

Career Studio

The Career Studio is staffed by trained Career Peer coaches and allows for peer to peer interaction.  The studio is open for drop-in appointments during specific times throughout the fall and spring semesters. 

Resume Review

Counselors will provide resume review services in several ways, including a career counseling appointment, through uploading your resume in ECN or via email.   Career Peer Coaches will also provide resume reviews in the Career Studio.

Career & Internship Fairs & Graduate School Fair

The Center offers two, all-majors career and internship fairs each year, one each in the fall and spring semesters. A fall graduate school fair is held annually.


Group sessions on career exploration, resume preparation, interview techniques, and internship and job-search strategies are conducted throughout the academic year.
Employer Information Sessions

Information sessions are held throughout the year where employers discuss company information, career opportunities, and industry information.

On Campus Recruitment

Students can participate in on-campus interviews and recruiting programs with employers from various industries, businesses, government agencies, and school systems. Check the Center for Internship and Career Development calendar on our website for more information.

Eastern Career Network

Eastern Career Network is a web-based system which allows students and alumni to search for internships, co-ops, and full-time jobs. Registering and posting a resume online provides access to career information and resources, as well as many employment postings. Go to https://easternct-csm.symplicity.com/ for more information. 

Focus 2

Focus 2 is a web-based personalized career and educational planning system. Students can use Focus 2 to help them select a major, explore career options, and design a career plan for success.

Candid Career

Candid Career is a video based educational site which allows students to learn more about career opportunities related to their major and areas of interest.  It also provides hundreds of helpful "Get Hired" videos on topics including resumes, interviews, networking, etiquette, grad school and much more.   

Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education (Co-Op) is a structured educational program in which students can combine classroom learning with productive work experience in a field related to their academic or career goals.  It is a partnership between students, Eastern, ad employers.  Students are paid for their work which might take place at a major corporation, a small business, or a nonprofit agency.   The ideal situation is a full-time position, lasting up to six months, which provides the student with experiential learning and financial assistance.  To participate, a student must be in good academic standing with the University.

All positions are carefully screened by the professional staff.  Each Cooperative Education course carries 12 administrative credits, which are recorded on official transcripts.  Administrative credits are not academic credits and are not counted toward graduation.

Before registering for the Cooperative Education Program, students should attend (or view) an information session providing details about the program and how it works, advantages to the student, credit issues, and enrollment procedures.  After attending the information session, students interested in participating should prepare a résumé draft for review by a member of the CICD staff.  After completing a resume, students may begin searching for and applying to opportunities which can be identified through multiple resource, including: Eastern Career Network, LinkedIn, on-line job boards (indeed, glassdoor, monster, etc.), and department internship listings.

The staff strives to assist students in finding appropriate co-op opportunities and resources for the internship search, but placement is not guaranteed. Students are encouraged to locate their own positions and request verification by the staff.

For information about the Co-op program, call 860-465-4559.


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