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Clear Student Attempt in Grade Center

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Last updated: 02 Jun, 2020

If a student began a submission (test or assignment) that only allows one submission, but was unable to complete it for some reason, the professor can clear the student's attempt so they can try again.  Clearing the attempt allows the student to re-submit the test or assignment again within the availability period. If the availability period is over, there is also a method for creating exceptions depending on the type (assignment, test, etc.)

Note: Before clearing a Test attempt, please make sure to view the student's attempt details and verify the student and the attempt. The process is final and not reversible.

  • Click on the Grade Center.
  • Click on the Full Grade Center.
  • Locate the attempt by finding the cell where the student row and the assignment column converge.
  • Pull down the context menu from the chevron button at the right of the attempt within the cell.
  • Click View Grade Details.
  • Identify the attempt you want to clear.
  • Click on the Clear Attempt button.

If this is an assessment (test), please make sure to click View Attempts button before you clear the student's attempt:

  • Click on the arrows located before the Test Information to expand the details of the students attempt.
  • Check the Start Date/time and Submitted Date/time.
  • Click on the Clear Attempt button.
  • Click on the OK button to delete the attempt.

The attempt will disappear from the screen, click on the Return to Grade Center button.

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