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Skype for Business and Outside Contacts

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Last updated: 12 Nov, 2019

Skype for Business should be installed on your office computer, if you would like to install it on your personal machine refer to Article 477: MS Office 365

Using Skype for Business requires a microphone, as well as a camera if you want to use video. Many lecterns on campus are equipped with a webcam and most laptops have them built in. You can also choose video options separate from speaker and mics.  So in rooms equipped with wall mounted cameras, you could opt to have one of the wall mounted cameras that faces the classroom as the video, while the mic from the webcam captures your audio. You will need to have the projector on for sound to come out in the room speakers. 

If you want to use Skype for Business to connect with someone outside of Eastern who has a personal Skype account, you need to have the person on the other end already added as one of your contacts prior to your call. You can do this by starting Skype for Business and doing the following:

  • Click the Add Contact button at the top right of the contact list
  • From the resulting submenu choose Add a Contact Not in My Organization
  • From the resulting submenu choose Skype
  • Type the name or username or email address of the contact you want to add in the search bar and make sure you are searching the Skype Directory not the My Contacts
  • Find the contact in the list of results and put your mouse over it. Click the Add Contact icon that appears. Alternately you can right click and choose Add to Contact List and Other Contacts from the resulting menu.

At this point you have to wait for you contact to accept your request. Once they have, you can use Skype for business to contact them as you would any other Skype contact. 

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