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Unity Wing

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The Arthur L. Johnson Unity Wing

Develop global ambassadors for diversity, inclusion, and equity

equipped to be world changers who create a different future.

The Arthur L. Johnson Unity Wing is comprised of the Intercultural Center, the Pride Center, and the Women's Center. Located on the first floor of the Student Center, this designated space for students to develop and embrace their diverse identities, is open Monday-Friday. Explore upcoming events, office hours, and find out how you can become involved by visiting Arthur L. Johnson Unity Wing - Eastern.


The Arthur L. Johnson Unity Wing champions creating an inclusive community at Eastern. Each Center builds bridges of intersectionality that celebrate the kaleidoscope of cultures and identities through co-curricular programs and services that integrate diversity, inclusion, and equity into the holistic development of all Eastern students. The Unity Wing is a campus-wide resource grounded in Eastern's core values for meaningful connection and outreach, engagement, and accountability to the level of awareness and action.

The Pillars


Intercultural Center

1st Floor Student Center

Arthur L. Johnson Unity Wing, Room 114

Josh Sumrell (he/him)




The Intercultural Center (IC) builds a cultural, diverse, and inclusive community at Eastern Connecticut State University. Through engaging programs, educational workshops, and fellowship, we create an environment that enhances the understanding of justice, increasing involvement and awareness. The IC partners with Eastern's community to support marginalized students and welcomes everyone to be a part of our mission.

Pride Center

1st Floor Student Center

Arthur L. Johnson Unity Wing, Room 108G

Nicole Potestivo (she/her)




The Pride Center believes in the promotion of a more just world fueled by radical self-love and community engagement. Our center actively works to create a campus culture that acknowledges and values diverse gender identities, gender expressions, and sexualities through educational outreach, community building, and providing access to resources. Here students can navigate the path of self-exploration, intersectionality, and agency in a supportive environment.

Women's Center

1st Floor Student Center

Arthur L. Johnson Unity Wing, Room 116

Starsheemar Byrum (she/her)



Women's Center - Eastern

The Women's Center (WC) fosters a space for belonging through affirming and honoring the experiences of women and supporting justice and equity for all. We use an intersectional framework to guide interventive efforts including workshops, thematic programming, and advocacy resources - all designed to effectively champion gender equity and combat interpersonal violence.


The Arthur L. Johnson Unity Wing is named after Dr. Arthur L. Johnson, former sociology professor at Eastern. Known for his work in organized labor, community action, and higher education. Dr. Johnson served as a faculty member and administrator from 1970 - 1999.

A community leader, civil rights activist, and life member of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), Dr. Johnson was committed to civic and community engagement. Until his death on September 6, 1999, Dr. Johnson sought to raise the consciousness of government leaders, corporate executives, educators etc. and was in the forefront of the struggle for civil rights and an advocate for freedom and equality.

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