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Policy on Alcohol and Drugs

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Eastern Connecticut State University
Alcohol and Drug Policy


Eastern Connecticut State University is committed to a liberal arts education. Within this role, the University helps in developing its students to become productive, engaged community leaders. As a public university, Eastern also serves as a social, cultural and economic catalyst for the region and the State of Connecticut. As such, the University Wellness Committee has developed the following policy to promote a safe, healthy and productive community for all its members. The policy was approved by the University on 8/1/2010. This policy will be reviewed in the spring of each even year. Violation of any element of the policy herein subjects the student to sanctions as delineated within the Connecticut State University (CSU) Student Code of Conduct.

1 - Alcohol on Campus:

1.1 The University permits the serving of alcohol in accordance with Connecticut State Statutes at appropriate events and locations as defined in this policy.

1.2  Any alcoholic beverages must be furnished by the University's approved food service contractor.

1.3  Alcohol is prohibited on University property with the exception of approved dates, times and locations as outlined by this policy.

1.4 Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages by students or guests is prohibited in campus housing/residential facilities.

1.5 Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages at any intramural or intercollegiate athletic activity is expressly prohibited.

1.6 Common source alcohol containers (such as, but not limited to, kegs, beer balls, punch bowls, and wine boxes) are prohibited unless being served by the University's approved food service contractor.

2 - Permissions:

2.1 Any event which includes the service of alcoholic beverages must receive permission from the appropriate source.

2.1.1 Staff or departmental social functions involving the use of alcoholic beverages in campus buildings require the advanced approval of the University President and appropriate Vice President or Dean.

2.1.2 All requests for student-sponsored activities at which alcoholic beverages will be used on campus grounds must be approved by the organization's advisor, the Director of Student Activities and the Vice President for Student Affairs. Approval must be submitted to the Director of Food Services at least three weeks in advance of the event.
2.1.3 All requests for activities involving the consumption of alcoholic beverages by non-college affiliated groups held on campus grounds must be submitted to the University Events Coordinator in the Office of Institutional Advancement.

2.2 Approval of alcoholic beverages is contingent upon the following minimum criteria:

2.2.1 The sponsoring organization is required to arrange with the Director of Public Safety for the provisions of adequate security at any event where alcoholic beverages are being consumed.

2.2.2 Any event where alcoholic beverages are served must also make available food and non-alcoholic beverages. There must be a sufficient quantity to last the duration of the event.

2.2.3 Alcohol may not be the main focus of any proposed event-based upon alcohol amounts, duration, costs, etc.

2.3 All activities, whether on or off-campus, must be in accordance with the State of  Connecticut's legal drinking age law.

2.4 Failure to comply with the stipulations set forth in this document will result in the cancellation of an event and will be subject to further action by the University.

3 - Drug Abuse:

3.1 The unprescribed use, possession, sale, purchase or distribution of any controlled substance to include, but not limited to, marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, heroin, hallucinogens, barbiturates and paraphernalia, is a violation of the laws of the State of Connecticut and is therefore subject to disciplinary action and possible criminal prosecution as defined in Attachment B.

3.2 Student-Athletes must abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the NCAA, the CSU system and the University policies. These rules prohibit the use of anabolic steroids, caffeine, amphetamines, and other drugs as ergogenic aids. See the Student-Athlete Handbook for a complete description of the alcohol, drug, and testing policies.

3.3 Smoking is actively discouraged and is restricted to designated areas only (at least 40 feet from all buildings).

4 - Individual Rights and Responsibilities for the Alcohol and Drug Policy:

4.1 At no time may anyone not of legal drinking age purchase, possess, consume, or offer alcoholic beverages on the Eastern campus or at any Eastern-sponsored activity on or off-campus.

4.2 All students are responsible for the behavior of their guests. All guests are subject to all University policies and regulations.

4.3 Any intoxicated individual who engages in high-risk behavior which threatens the health or safety of another individual, themselves, or property is subject to disciplinary action.

4.4 All members of the University must be able to produce current University identification and proof of age at the events where alcoholic beverages are served.

4.5 In no case shall the use or abuse of alcohol or illegal drugs be accepted as an excuse or justification for the violation of University rules or regulations.

4.6 All students who are present during any violation of the policies herein are subject to disciplinary action as a result.

4.7 Violations of the alcohol and drug policy are subject to sanctions as delineated in Attachment A (University imposed sanctions as dictated by the CSU Student Code of Conduct). In addition, students, faculty and staff should be aware of the Federal and State sanctions for drug and alcohol-related crimes as delineated in Attachment B (possible disciplinary action for alcohol and drug offenses by the Federal and State Governments).

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