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The Student Center enhances University spirit and helps to create University culture as the focal point for all students. Students are engaged in our liberal arts community through various opportunities of participation, such as hanging out in the building with friends, eating a meal, using the bookstore, attending meetings with faculty and staff for advising and other official business, attending a social, cultural or educational event, or as a member of a student organization. 

Upper Level

The Atrium Lobby is a great place to sit and watch TV, take in an entertainer on the main stage, grab a bite to eat, head to the bookstore, or hang out between classes. Seating includes couches in lounges and tables and chairs for dining in and around the bookstore, the food court, the information desk, and the "main street" of the building.
The Bookstore is operated by Barnes and Noble and has the feel of a store you would find in a local mall. From textbooks to best sellers, from supplies to snacks, from school shirts to greeting cards, this bookstore has everything you need. 

The Food Court is operated by Chartwells Corporation and features the latest offerings in healthy food options along with the traditional fare. From a "grab and go" section to individually prepared meals, you will have the variety and options to try something different all the time. 

Located in the center of the building, the Information Desk is staffed whenever the building is open with employees trained and ready to assist you with all aspects of building services. 

The Café is the place you can play a game of pool, sit and watch TV, catch an acoustical performance, surf the Internet, hang out with friends in front of the fireplace, or attend a reception. With a spectacular view, this multipurpose facility is the place to be and be seen. 

The Theatre, with all of its technology and surround sound, serves as a movie theatre, lecture hall, and performance and presentation facility.
The Betty Tipton Room is a multipurpose facility that serves as the Center's ballroom and is used for just about any type of event imaginable including banquets, receptions, speakers, performances, conferences, and award ceremonies.
The Meeting Rooms (4) on this level are used by the University community for meetings, conferences, and events. Each one is equipped with the latest technology and will support most conference needs.

Lower Level

The Fitness Center is a 4000-square-foot facility with over 60 pieces of exercise equipment, and a flat screen TV with state-of-the-art technology. Plug your personal headset into equipment to listen to music or watch television while you exercise.
CAB - CAB is a student workforce skilled in project management and event planning tasked with planning and implementing the many student events and activities that occur within the building and beyond its boundaries.
SGA - The Student Government Association and all of its subcommittees and senators are located in the middle of the action, working to fund and organize the 60+ student organizations. Conducting business in the meeting room with glass walls, you can see all the action as it happens.
Student Organizations - Over 60 clubs work in their own office suite and share workspace and storage. The "Campus Lantern" (newspaper) and "Sustinet" (yearbook) also have offices in the suite.
The Intercultural Center (Room 114) - The office assists international, multicultural, and commuter students with transition, retention/persistence, and intervention issues, while providing unity and exposure to diversity.

The Women's Center (Room 116) - The office provides resources for students and promotes gender equality by critically examining cultural ideals of gender and gender relations.

The Meeting Rooms (4) on this level are used by the University community for meetings, conferences, and events. Each one is equipped with the latest technology and will support most conference needs.

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