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Club and Organizational Manual
Activate an Existing Club
At the beginning of each academic year every club or organization must activate their club. Activating a club requires the completion of the following steps: 1. At the first meeting of each semester every club will review their Constitution and their Statement of Purpose. 2. Clubs must verify...
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Athletic / Club Sport Hazing Policy
Eastern defines hazing as an act which endangers the mental or physical health or safety of a student, or which destroys or removes public or private property, for the purpose of initiation or admission into, affiliation with, or as a condition for continued membership, in a group or...
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Bank Accounts
Per the Connecticut State Accounting Manual for Activity and Welfare Funds, under no circumstances are clubs and organizations allowed to open bank accounts. All financial transactions must be processed through the University.
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SABO functions as the business office for student organizations, clubs, SGA and its sub-committees. Although SABO keeps financial records on all transactions, the individual treasurers are responsible for keeping their own respective club's financial records. Club and...
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Budget Accounts
Each Club has been given a budget account for allocations received from BAM. Budgeted funds are allotted by SGA or sub committees of the SGA (i.e. BAM, CAB) and are committed for a specific purpose and classified as restricted. At the end of the fall semester, the unspent funds in the club budget...
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Cash Advances
A cash advance is a request for funds to purchase goods prior to an event. Once the check is requested, it must be picked up prior to the event or it will be voided. A copy of the minutes authorizing the cash advance must accompany the...
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Cash Boxes
Cash boxes are available for your use and can be signed out at the Cashiers Office. There is no cost for this service, however, should you lose the key or the cash box, you will be responsible to pay to have a new key made or for the replacement of a new box.
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Charge Accounts
Under no circumstance is a club authorized to initiate a charge account or use charge accounts without the written permission of the VP of Student Affairs or the Director of Student Activities and the Controller. Any person making such charges or purchases without proper prior authorization is...
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Club Council Meetings
From time to time, the Budget and Management (BAM) Committee of the Student Government Association will hold Club Council Meetings in conjunction with the office of Student Activities. These meetings are conducted in order to pass along important information to all clubs/organizations and will...
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Community Service Programs
In an effort to streamline all community service programs being conducted throughout the University, the Center for Community Engagement on campus acts as a clearinghouse for these programs. Students can view available programs on the Center for Community Engagement website, www.easternct.edu/cce,...
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