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Last updated: 29 Jul, 2020

Dr. Indira Petoskey, Assistant Dean, Office of Continuing Studies & Enhanced Learning (860) 465-0206
Winthrop Hall, 1st floor, 100B


Eastern has an extensive Study Abroad Program. Full-time students may apply to study, for one semester, one year, or a summer or winter intersession at an unlimited amount of universities worldwide. Students have one of three options: (1) attend a host university (2) participate in a third party organization (3) study independently (financial aid unavailable). Students may choose to study at a host university where they will pay Eastern tuition. They may also choose to study through a third party organization where they pay the organization's tuition and fees or they can study independently where they pay the host university's tuition. Students are usually permitted to participate only in their sophomore or junior years, but exceptions are occasionally made in the case of first-semester seniors. Applications are generally due in March for fall participation and October for spring participation. Students need to apply the semester prior to the semester studying abroad. Planning in advance is advised. It is highly recommended a student speaks with someone in the Study Abroad office as soon as possible. The Study Abroad Program provides students with educational experiences not available at Eastern and the opportunity to become better acquainted with other parts of the world. Students accepted into the program receive equivalent credit (once approved by their academic department chair and advisor) at Eastern for satisfactorily completed study. All courses appear on the student's Eastern transcript as credit/no credit (equivalent to pass/fail). Students must have their faculty advisor's approval before registering for courses. Study Abroad host institution credits are not calculated in a student's grade point average at Eastern.

For more information, contact the Study Abroad office at (860) 465-0206

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