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Student On-Campus Housing - Entry and/or Search Policy

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Last updated: 03 Jun, 2021

The University recognizes the need for a balance between its right to maintain an orderly educational and residential environment and its students' constitutional right to privacy. A goal of the University is to preserve the health and safety of the resident while maintaining an environment that facilitates safety and scholarship.

With this in mind, at times it may be necessary for University staff to enter a student's room, or for University staff to escort non-University personnel to an apartment or residence hall room. Reasonable efforts shall be made to notify the resident(s) in advance of any entry. A student's room shall not be entered without consent except as follows:

(a) repairs, maintenance, building systems and building support inspections, facility improvements;

(b) recovery of University/State-owned property not authorized for use in the assigned space;

(c) fire, health and safety, and cleanliness inspections made periodically, as well as at hall closing/vacation periods;

(d) when there is reliable information that an emergency exists (including but not limited to fire, accident, sickness, or danger to the health and welfare of residents);

(e)  when there is reliable information that such entry is necessary for the purpose of removing items including, but not limited to, weapons or other contraband which pose a threat to the health and safety of students, faculty, staff, or visitors to the campus. 

(f) when there is reliable information that a University policy is being violated; 

(g) entries and searches conducted by authorized law enforcement officials under circumstances authorized by law.

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Article ID: 338
Last updated: 03 Jun, 2021
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