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Travel - Travel Protocol

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Last updated: 27 Jun, 2018

This Protocol is to be observed for all official trips.  Failure to do so may result in referral to the campus judicial system.

a.     All ECSU rules, regulations and policies are in effect while participating in official club travel.
b.     Cohabitation is prohibited.
c.     The presence and/or use of alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
d.     The use of profane language is prohibited.
e.     When using State vehicles you must have one staff advisor in each vehicle.
f.      The staff advisor(s) on each trip is the person(s) in charge and they are present to:

  • Maintain a proper educational environment
  • Insure all rules and regulations are followed
  • Insure that people assigned to each vehicle stay in that vehicle and do not switch from one to another. This is to insure all are accounted for.
  • Act as the person "In Charge" in all situations including emergencies.

g.     State vehicles are to be used only for the educational portion of the trip and not to shuttle people around for personal "Free Time".
h.    Please refer to other travel rules and regulations in the Student Handbook.

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Article ID: 448
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