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Policies and Procedures for the Status of Students Called to Active Duty

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Last updated: 03 Jun, 2021

In accordance with Board of Trustee Resolution 2001-79, it is the policy of the University that students who, as members of National Guard or Military Reserve Units, may be unexpectedly called to active duty, shall be authorized for refund of fees otherwise designated as non-refundable to students withdrawing because of circumstances beyond their control.

For students who do not wish to withdraw, the University shall ensure that all possible actions are taken to allow these students opportunities to complete their course work for the semester involved. Please note that it is the clear intention of the trustees that, all possible actions " . . . are to be taken to permit students to complete current course work." Withdrawals are to be processed only when there is no way possible for work to resume or be made up or upon the express request of the student.

This policy does not pertain to regularly scheduled National Guard or Military Reserve drills.


Completion of Course Work

1. A student called to active duty who wishes to complete course assignments, will inform professors as soon as possible and seek information about arrangements for completion of course assignments.

2. Upon return from active duty, the student must contact professors to explore all possible opportunities to complete coursework.

3. If it is determined by the professor that course completion is not possible, the University shall offer to the student either withdrawal from the course or from the University without penalty and with a complete refund as indicated below.


1. When an unexpected call to active duty occurs during an academic term, a student may withdraw from the University or from a course in the normal fashion.

2. If the withdrawal request is under circumstances when there would normally be a penalty involved (either grade or lack of refund), the student will present his active duty orders to secure withdrawal without penalty.

The policy becomes effective immediately and may be found in the Faculty Handbook and the Student Handbook.

Approved April 22, 2002

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Article ID: 329
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