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Academic Success Center

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J. Eugene Smith Library, Ground Floor

The Academic Success Center (ASC) is home to many different student support services, whose mission is to assist Eastern students in realizing their highest level of achievement possible. The offices are located on the first and second floor of the J. Eugene Smith Library. We encourage all students to take advantage of the resources the Center offers. The ASC is comprised of the following offices:

  • Advising Center
  • Office of Global Learning
  • Opportunity Programs
  • Office of Career Success
  • Writing Center
  • Mathematics Achievement Center (MAC)
  • Tutoring and Learning Strategies

Additional information about the Academic Success Center can be found at https://www.easternct.edu/academic-services/index.html

Advising Center

The Advising Center helps students achieve their educational goals and timely degree completion through sound academic planning and support, assistance with college adjustment, and referrals to relevant campus-wide student support services. The Advising Center takes a proactive approach to academic advising and student development services for undergraduate students. Students are encouraged to visit the office for assistance with academic planning, course scheduling, placement testing, registering for courses, and major exploration. In addition, the Advising Center administers and coordinates the following academic and administrative support programs and services:

  • Advising Services for all full and part time students, including new and continuing students
  • First year specific advising and transition services
  • Placement test administration
  • New student academic advising and registration services
  • Academic Support and Assistance Program for probationary students
  • Exploratory student services for undecided students
  • Transfer, Transfer Articulation Policy (TAP) and Re-Admitted Student advising services
  • Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) advising

For more information, stop by or call (860) 465-4526. For additional information and scheduling appointments, visit https://www.easternct.edu/advising/index.html

Opportunity Programs

Director: Chris Ambrosio

Academic Success Center, Library 1st Floor, 860-465-4458

University Opportunity Programs Home - Eastern

University Opportunity Programs (UOP) are high impact success programs and services for students from underserved and other unique populations, including those who are academically underprepared, first-generation, lower-income or undocumented. Student groups served by UOP include Achievement First (Hartford & New Haven), DREAM.US, Higher Edge, Promise Scholars (Hartford, New Haven & Waterbury), Hispanic Alliance of Eastern Connecticut, International Students, Independent youth (DCF), and STEP/CAP. UOP staff collaborate across campus to create a student-centered learning environment that fosters academic excellence, student engagement and progress to graduation.  The program builds strategic relationships with campus and community partners, community colleges, and alumni to expand postsecondary educational opportunities.

Office of Career Success

Director: Clifford Marrett

Academic Success Center, Library 1st floor (860) 465-4559

Office of Career Success

The Office of Career Success helps meet the career development needs of all Eastern students, from first-year students through graduation. Programs and services are designed to guide and support students, while fostering self-direction and personal responsibility in career and life planning. Our office supports students through the following services:

Career Counseling

Self-assessment is essential to career development. Career counseling helps you clarify career goals, explore options, and examine interests, values, and talents.  Career counseling sessions are available to assist students with choosing a major, exploring career options, searching for jobs or internships, resume writing, preparing for graduate school, developing interviewing skills, and other career-related topics.

Career Studio

The Career Studio is staffed by trained Career Peer coaches and allows for peer-to-peer interaction.  The studio is open for drop-in appointments throughout the fall and spring semesters.

Resume Review

Counselors will provide resume review services in several ways, including a career counseling appointment, through uploading your resume in ECN or via email.  Career Peer Coaches will also provide resume reviews in the Career Studio.


Group sessions on career exploration, resume preparation, interview techniques, and internship and job-search strategies are conducted throughout the academic year.

Eastern Career Network

Eastern Career Network is a web-based system which allows students and alumni to search for internships, co-ops, and part/full-time jobs. Registering and posting a resume online provides access to career information and resources, as well as many employment postings. Go to https://easternct-csm.symplicity.com/ for more information.

Focus 2

Focus 2 is a web-based personalized career and educational planning system. Students can use Focus 2 to help them select a major, explore career options, and design a career plan for success.

Candid Career

Candid Career is a video based educational site which allows students to learn more about career opportunities related to their major and areas of interest.  It also provides hundreds of helpful "Get Hired" videos on topics including resumes, interviews, networking, etiquette, grad school and much more. 

Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education (Co-Op) is a structured educational program in which students can combine classroom learning with productive work experience in a field related to their academic or career goals. 

The Writing Center

Director: Dr. Rita Malenczyk, Department of English

The Writing Center offers assistance from trained undergraduate peer tutors who can help one-on-one to improve writing skills in any genre or class. The Center provides feedback and guidance in a friendly, judgment free zone, to help develop and refine ideas and communicate them in clear and appropriate ways.

The Writing Center is open during the academic year. Please see the website below for specific hours. The Center is closed during the summer.

For more information, stop by or call (860) 465-0382. For additional information and scheduling appointments, visit Writing Center - Eastern (easternct.edu)

The Mathematics Achievement Center ("MAC")

Director: Kate Dale, Department of Mathematics

MAC is a free math tutoring service offered by the Mathematics Department. MAC offers the following services to all students:

  • Homework Help
  • Work through practice sheets for MAT 099, MAT 135, MAT 135P, MAT 155, and MAT155P
  • Review quizzes or tests
  • Work on study skills, time management, and review lecture notes
  • Tutoring Services
  • Use of applicable textbooks
  • Work with the TI-83/84/89 calculators

The MAC is open Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to7 p.m., Fridays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sundays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. during the academic year. The Center is closed on Saturday, holidays and for weather-related events. The Center is closed during the summer.

For more information, stop by or call (860) 465-4526. For additional information and scheduling appointments, visit https://www.easternct.edu/mathematical-sciences/mathematics-achievement-center.html

Tutoring and Learning Strategies

Subject Tutoring and Learning Strategies provides professional and student tutors to assist students who request help in particular subjects or courses. The Center's service offerings include tutoring support, one-to-one assistance in a variety of content areas and skills development such as time management, and study skills.  All program offerings are designed to assist students to achieve their full potential at the college level. Students are highly encouraged to seek help from Subject Tutoring early in the semester. Tutors are trained by a CRLA-certified program (College Reading and Learning Association).

For more information, stop by or call (860) 465-4310. For additional information and scheduling appointments, visit https://www.easternct.edu/academic-services/tutoring-center.html

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