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Eastern Medical Transport Policy

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Last updated: 23 Aug, 2023

Policy Statement:

A primary concern of the University is the health and well-being of each student; therefore, Eastern is committed to providing the best possible approach and response for students who are transported to off-campus medical facilities for emergency purposes.

University Procedures:

When a student is transported to a medical facility for emergency purposes the University may contact the student’s emergency contact person (person designated to be notified by student) and notify them of the transport.

Students who are transported due to alcohol, drugs or mental health issues are required to make and keep an appointment with the Dean of Students or designee within 24 hours of their return to Eastern’s campus or the next business day if the transport occurs on a weekend.

Where to Get Help:

Students needing an emergency medical transport can get immediate help by dialing 911 or contacting the University Police. The University maintains a round-the-clock University Police presence. If you are a resident student, you are encouraged to also notify your residence hall staff immediately.

24-hour Emergency Assistance

  • 911 Emergency
  • University Police / 24 hours a day: (860) 465-5310

 Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm

• Housing and Residential Life: (860) 465-5297
• Counseling and Psychological Services: (860) 465-0181
• Health Services: (860) 465-5263
• Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs: (860) 465-4412
• Dean of Students: (860) 465-5247

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