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Processing Paperwork

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Last updated: 27 Jun, 2018

Any payment vouchers, requisitions, purchase orders, advances, personal service agreements, or honorarium forms, must be submitted to the Assistant to the Director of Student Activities (if a student club) or the Director of Housing (if a residence hall association) with all accompanying and appropriate documentation (Minutes, Invoices, Receipts, Signatures, attachments). The paperwork will be reviewed by those offices, and if not correctly filled in, all original paperwork will be returned to the submitting club or organization for corrections and/or completeness.

*Important Note: No member or group of members is empowered to enter into a contract, promise to pay or in any other way obligate their club, the SGAF, or the University without following proper procedures. All credit purchases, contracts, and other forms of purchase agreements must have the approval of the Student Activities Office and SABO.

Some events or activities may require additional approval from the VP of Student Affairs and Director of Student Activities or the Executive VP. If the organization's membership gives approval for such an event, and the advisor co signs the paperwork, written approval through the additional specified channels must be received before going ahead with the event. Without proper approvals, the transaction will be rejected.

Neither the University nor the SGA will assume liability if proper approval is not obtained for all club activities or events. Those individuals entering into the transaction without approval may be held personally and financially liable.

All outstanding Chartwells invoices at the end of the academic year will be approved by SGA and charged to the individual club accounts.  SGA will convene and prepare minutes listing club accounts and the amount to be charged.

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