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Submitting a Portfolio to Interfolio

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Submitting a Portfolio to Interfolio

Interfolio is a secure, user-friendly interface that allows candidates to quickly and easily assemble a packet of materials for their review and submit these materials online. This article explains what to expect as the candidate of a review conducted using Interfolio's Review, Promotion & Tenure service. 

Please refer to the SB: 1415-9 Revisions to Senate Bill03/04-1 Bill Clarifying the Criterion and Procedures for Renewal, Tenure, and Promotion Evaluation and Professional Assessment of AAUP Bargaining Unit Members located in the University Senate SharePoint site. https://myeasternct.sharepoint.com/Senate/Shared%20Documents/Commonly%20used%20documents/SB-1415-9.pdf#search=teaching%20and%20load

Interfolio support is available at help@interfolio.com or by calling (877) 997-8807 (press option 2), Monday – Friday, 9 am – 8 pm Eastern Time.

The Basics

Case preparation and submission

For additional information regarding:

Key Terms within Review, Promotion, and Tenure

  • Review, Promotion & Tenure (RPT)

Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure is an online platform for carrying out formal faculty reviews in a shared governance context, built to help academic institutions ensure that these processes are transparent, equitable, efficient, and well-documented.

  • Cases

The building blocks of the RPT module that allow administrators to create standardized, repeatable processes for all review types at their institution, colleges, schools, and departments. Templates can be created centrally or copied down to specific unit for customization.

  • Packet

The collection of materials by which a candidate is being reviewed (documents and other files). The packet is divided into sections which can be worked on and submitted independently of one another. All materials submitted in the packet will be copied to the candidate's Dossier for record keeping.

  • Dossier

A tool for all faculty to store and manage job, fellowship, and promotion or review documents in one place. The Dossier will act as the central archiving tool for your candidate’s materials. All information submitted for a review will be copied into the faculty Dossier for archiving or reusability purposes. You Dossier is private and portable, meaning it cannot be seen by your institution and it is yours to keep even if you change employment. 


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Signing in to Interfolio

All full-time faculty members may access their account by logging into Eastern's Office 365 portal page or you can also go to www.interfolio.com.

From Office 365 portal page:

Log into Eastern's Office 365 portal page (https://www.office.com/apps?auth=2&home=1) and search for Interfolio in the search bar at the top of the screen. Once found, click on the icon.


From Interfolio.com:

  1. Click on Partner Institution.


  2. Start typing Eastern Connecticut in the search field and choose Eastern Connecticut State University from the list.


  3. Once Eastern Connecticut State University is selected click Sign In.

Note: You have both an institutional account and a personal Dossier account. Your Eastern institutional account is where your case resides and where you submit your portfolio for review. Your Dossier acts as the central archiving tool for your candidate’s materials.

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  1. Navigation Menu: Expand or collapse the menu.
  2. Packets: View active and completed packets here.
  3. Cases: If you are on a committee, the cases you are assigned will appear here.
  4. Account Options: Access your dossier or RPT account Complete your user profile find our help site or sign out of your account
  5. Action Items: This is when your packet is due you must submit before this date the menu
  6. Account Options: Access your dossier or RPT account Complete your user profile find our help site or sign out of your account 

    Under your Account Options you can:
    • Access your dossier or Eastern’s RPT account
    • Complete your user profile
    • Find Interfolio’s help site
    • Sign out of your account 

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Dossier Overview and Collections

Your Personal Dossier

Interfolio Dossier is an online platform for scholars to collect and curate scholarly materials, request and receive confidential letters of recommendation, and prepare for upcoming evaluations. You can also share your Dossier materials (with the exception of the letter of recommendation) and your collections of materials with other users at your institution. Your Dossier never expires and Interfolio will store your documents indefinitely. 

Note: Your Dossier is private and cannot be seen by your institution.

To Access Your Dossier

Select your name at the top right hand corner of the screen and then select "Interfolio Dossier."

The Dossier Dashboard

  1. Navigation Menu: Expand or collapse the menu.
  2. Deliveries: If you have used your dossier to send materials to external applications or have use Interfolio faculty search to apply to positions in the past those applications and records can be found here.
  3. Letters: Letters of recommendation that you have asked others to write and requests for letters of recommendation that you have received from others will appear here.
  4. Materials: You can store a variety of materials in your Dossier account including letters of recommendation, supporting documents such as CV's and cover letters and examples of your writing and research.
  5. Collections: You can organize the material in your dossier by creating collections of related materials these collections can be shared with a mentor at your institution for feedback or use when populating a case for review
  6. Shared with me: Materials and collections that have been shared with you for review and feedback will appear here
  7. Account Switcher: Switch back and forth from your dossier to RPT from the account Switcher
  8. Profile: Complete your profile and upload your picture



Collections are a way for you to organize your materials in your Dossier to help prepare for your upcoming reviews. You can also share your materials and collections with other users at your institution to review and provide feedback.

Select "Add Collection" to create a new collection of your materials. You can add existing materials or upload new ones from your computer. Once the collection is created you can choose to share it with other users at your institution.

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Further Dossier Help Articles

For more information regarding your Dossier, click here.

To learn more about creating a collection of your materials, click here.

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When and How Is My Case Created?

Since Eastern uses Interfolio Review, Promotion, & Tenure to conduct reviews online, you will be asked to submit a packet of review materials through Interfolio. Before you begin, an administrator will create a case for you that includes instructions for submitting your packet with all the required documents and forms. The cases are created according to the review cycle dates as noted in Eastern's AAUP contract agreement. You will be notified that your case is ready via email.

When you receive the notification email you can select “View Case” in your email.

When you select “View Case” in this email you will be taken to your Interfolio account which you will use to collect and submit materials for your packet. If you already have an Interfolio account, the "View Case" button will take you to your account dashboard. Note: Your Interfolio account uses O365 user Eastern credentials.

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Preparing For Your Next Review using Guidelines and Collections

If Eastern has enabled the Guidelines feature, you can view the guidelines and requirements of upcoming reviews and create a collection to prepare your materials for that review. 

Guidelines Help Article

To learn more about using Guidelines to create a collection, click here. 

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View your packet instructions and requirements:

Accessing Your Active Packets

Once a case has been created for your review by an administrator, you will receive an email notification. Select "View Case" from the notification or log in to your Interfolio account to be taken to your active packet.
Access your case by clicking "View Case" in the email that was sent to notify you that your case was ready.

Or access your case by signing in into your Interfolio Institutional account.

You might be presented with the options below: your institutional account, Eastern Connecticut State University, will bring you to your case and the Dossier is your personal online file repository.
You have both an institutional account and a personal Dossier account. Select your institutional account when prompted to access your case.

You should see an Action Item for this review appear on you Dashboard as well as within your Packets option on the navigation menu.
Click the link to "Your Packets" from the navigation bar, or use the link in your homepage action items
*Not seeing it? If you do not see this in your navigation bar, you might be on the Dossier page, switch accounts using the account menu at the top right of the page.

Creating your portfolio

  1. Select the packet you want to work on

    Tip: You can view past packets in the section below the Active Packets
  2. You will see an "Overview" page listing the required materials and forms you will need to add to your packet. Click "View Instructions" to read instructions provided by your institution for assembling and submitting your packet

    Your packet will likely be divided into sections, each with a list of materials you will need to upload in order to complete each section. If a due date has been set, you will also see the due date. Each section of the packet can be submitted once all requirements for the section have been met.

  3. Add files to satisfy packet requirements:
    1. Click the "Edit" button for the section to which you want to add your files

    2. Click "Add" next to the requirement

    3. On the "Choose Existing" tab you can add existing files you have already uploaded to your Dossier

    4. Or you can add new files including video and webpages:
      When uploading files, make sure you give the materials in your packet a meaningful title because reviewers will see the titles you provide as bookmarks to the left of the page when reviewing your documents. By default, the name that will appear to reviewers is the name of the file as you upload it, but you can also edit the title of a file after adding it to your packet.

      You can add files from packets you have submitted for previous reviews run through RPT:

      Or, you can add files from collections you have created in your Dossier:

      If you need to edit or replace a document, click the "Edit" action

      You can edit the title of the file, or click "Replace" to choose a new file to replace it.


Previewing Your Portfolio

  1. You can preview completed packet sections or your entire packet before submitting. You can preview how your packet will appear to reviewers. The preview shows exactly how the packet you are submitting will appear to your committee. Click "Preview Packet" at the top right of the page.

    You can click to select multiple sections and preview the selected sections in the document reader

    You can also preview individual sections of the packet

    -and- preview individual documents by clicking the document title

Organizing Your Material

Drag-n-drop required documents on the packet tab:

  • You can move one or more fulfillments from one requirement to another
  • You can reorder fulfillments within the same requirement
  • However, you can’t move or rearrange fulfillments in a locked requirement

Locked Sections

If a section is labeled as "Locked," this means your institution has opted to restrict editing after submission. Please contact an administrator at your institution if you have questions about a locked section.

Submitting Your Candidate Packets

It is possible to submitt sections individually at different times, however, we suggest you wait to submit your portfolio until you have completed all the requirements in all the sections and then submit all the sections at once.

When you submitting your portfolio, if a section doesn’t have the required number of materials, you will see a window with a message that about missing items needed to submit:

When submitting a single section that meets the required number of materials, you will see a confirmation message shown below:

After you successfully submit a section, you will see a confirmation notice in lower left corner of browser indicating that the section is now available to the appropriate committee members for review.

NOTE: Interfolio have also taken measures to prevent you from adding more than the required number of documents for a given document requirement before submitting your packet. When you add more documents than the required number, the number added changes color and is bolded to draw attention to the error.

If you try to submit a section with too few or too many materials for the given requirements, you will see a message indicating if the issue is too many or too few requirements. With the text: “You can submit the section once you have corrected any issues and added materials to meet the requirements for the section.”

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