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Adding An Avatar in Blackboard Collaborate

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Last updated: 20 Aug, 2020

This article covers how to add an avatar (a stationary image) for your profile picture in Blackboard Collaborate. Chrome is the preferred browser when using Collaborate.

Note: The process is browser-based and the setting will only take effect for the one browser. If you have multiple browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge) on a device you'll need to upload your avatar in each browser.  The article only pertains to Blackboard Collaborate's environment and not Blackboard's LMS environment.

  1. Click the purple tab at the bottom right corner of the Collaborate window to open the Collaborate Panel.

  2. Pn the My Settings tab, click the avatar icon.

  3. Upload your desired profile picture (or capture a photo from the camera if available) in the resulting panel.

  4. Crop and center image as needed. Click I Like It! when done.

  5. Click Save to retain your profile picture settings.

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Article ID: 624
Last updated: 20 Aug, 2020
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