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Qualtrics - Learn to use Qualtrics Core XM

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Last updated: 17 Nov, 2020

Qualtrics at Eastern can be accessed from the All Apps page in Office 365 or the following URL:

IMPORTANT: The links below contain online training from Quatrics.  After clicking on one of the below training links and choosing a course you will be prompted to login

1. Click Sign in with SSO

2. Enter easternct as your organization ID, then click Continue (3).

Qualtrics Training

Learn to use Qualtrics Core XM:  https://basecamp.qualtrics.com/series/learn-to-use-qualtrics-research-core

Topics include:

  1. Configuring Your CoreXM Project, 25 MIN
  2. Customizing Your CoreXM Project, 26 MIN
  3. Finalizing Your CoreXM Project, 21 MIN
  4. Collecting CoreXM Feedback, 22 MIN
  5. Understanding Your CoreXM Feedback, 20 MIN
  6. Analyzing Your CoreXM Feedback, 75 MIN
  7. Reporting Your CoreXM Feedback, 7 MIN

Qualtrics Platform Essentials Certification Journey (L1): https://basecamp.qualtrics.com/series/qualtrics-platform-essentials-certification 

Topics include: 

  1. Experience Management: A Brief Introduction, 22 MIN
  2. Planning and Designing a Survey, 35 MIN
  3. Building a Survey Project, 1 H 28 MIN
  4. Distributing a Survey Project, 33 MIN
  5. Understanding Survey Data, 35 MIN
  6. Reporting Survey Results, 53 MIN

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