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Blackboard Incorrect Username and Password (Expired Password)
If your password suddenly stopped working in Blackboard and you are positive that you are typing the username and password correctly, the problem is most likely caused by an expired password. Please remember that your username MUST be typed completely in lowercase letters and your password must be...
rating 21 Aug, 2019
Faculty/Staff Technology Accounts (Email, Computers, Blackboard)
Faculty and Staff must first fill out and submit the ITS Computer Account Application Form. Your account will be created and you will be notified with a username and password to access it. IMPORTANT NOTE: Computer accounts are not to be shared with other users; when evidence of account sharing...
rating 21 Aug, 2019
Configuring Mobile Devices For Eastern Email
To configure your mobile device to connect to Office 365 first make sure you can access the Internet. iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) Press Settings Press Mail, Contacts, Calendars Delete the previous Outlook/Exchange Eastern account. Press Add Account Press Exchange Enter the username (full...
rating 21 Aug, 2019
Requesting Software Purchases and Installations in Offices, Computer Labs, and Classrooms
Note: The process below is for faculty and staff to request software purchases for Eastern owned devices. Faculty and staff who wish to obtain software for their personal devices should refer to Article 235: Purchasing Hardware and Software (Home Use). To Request Software Purchases and...
rating 21 Aug, 2019
Purchasing Hardware and Software (Home Use and On Campus)
Purchasing Hardware and Software Faculty requests for new hardware and software should be directed to the department chair. Requests are prioritized by the department chair and forwarded to the Dean's office. CIT offers consultation on technical issues related to potential purchases. Please note...
rating 21 Aug, 2019
Connecting to Wi-Fi at Eastern and Finding Your Mac Address
The instructions below relate to using ECSU-BYOD or ECSU BYOD5. If you are using eduroam, please see Article 180: Wireless Services. Temporary Access Eastern WiFi will allow account holders to connect devices that have browsers and keyboard input (computers, tablets, phones, etc.) when they...
rating 21 Aug, 2019
Getting Started with OneDrive and Sharepoint Commons
The university replaced personal file shares, known as Z-Drives, and common file shares, known as the Common Drive with Microsoft Cloud services. OneDrive Storage and SharePoint Online can by synced with the OneDrive App on your computer letting you interact with your data via Windows Explorer,...
rating 20 Aug, 2019
Blackboard Ally and OCRing PDFs for Accessibility
Eastern is obligated to provide equitable access of all educational materials to the student population. One way to assist in ensuring equitable access is to provide screen-readable documents when posting materials on Blackboard. In the Fall of 2019, a new feature in Blackboard will be activated...
rating 19 Aug, 2019
How to Start a New Club or Organization
Forming a Student Organization is not as complicated as you may have heard it to be. There are several steps that you have to complete before you can be recognized as an established organization. The steps can be easily followed because they are all connected and flow together making the process...
rating 15 Jul, 2019
Clear Student Attempt in Grade Center
If a student began a submission (test or assignment) that only allows one submission, but was unable to complete it for some reason, the professor can clear the student's attempt so they can try again. Clearing the attempt allows the student to re-submit the test or assignment again within the...
rating 12 Jul, 2019
Student On-Campus Housing - Entry and/or Search Policy
The University recognizes the need for a balance between its right to maintain an orderly educational and residential environment and its students' constitutional right to privacy. A goal of the University is to preserve the health and safety of the resident while maintaining an environment that...
rating 12 Jul, 2019
BOR Policy on Sexual Misconduct Reporting, Support Services and Processes Policy
Click Here for the Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner Violence Policy
rating 12 Jul, 2019
Instructional Rights and Responsibilities
Instructional Rights and Responsibilities 1. Each student is free to take reasonable exception to data and views presented in any course. Students are free from arbitrary dismissal from any course. The student’s responsibility is to exercise freedom of expression within orderly procedures, and...
rating 10 Jul, 2019
Unity Wing
Arthur L. Johnson Unity Wing Starsheemar Byrum, Director (860) 465-4314 byrums@easternct.edu Formerly the Unity Center, the Arthur L. Johnson Unity Wing is name after Dr. Arthur L. Johnson, former sociology professor at Eastern. Johnson served as a faculty member and administrator from 1970...
rating 10 Jul, 2019
Web Focus
Campus Wide Reporting Application – WebFOCUS Eastern has a self-service reporting tool to run common reports from the University’s student information system. It uses your technology account (the same account used to log into your email). Below is a list of a few common reports for new...
rating 08 Jul, 2019
Credit Card Policy
Eastern Policy Regarding On Campus Credit Card Solicitation Connecticut State University System Policy Statement The proliferation of credit cards being offered to college students and the increasing credit card debt incurred by them has been and continues to be a concern to...
rating 08 Jul, 2019
Student Activities Business Office (SABO)
Student Activities Business Office (SABO) Darren Nosal, Associate Director Fiscal Affairs, Accounts Payable, (860) 465-5730 Gelsi-Young Hall, Third Floor, Room 341, (860) 465-5285, (Office Numbers), (860) 465-5180 (Fax) SABO is located on the third floor of Gelsi-Young Hall. This business...
rating 08 Jul, 2019
Policy on Hover Boards and Other Electronically Operated Skateboard Type Devices
Due to safety concerns about both fire and rider safety, hover boards or other electronically operated skateboard type devices shall not be allowed to be either charged, operated or stored on the Eastern Connecticut State University campus or any of its facilities. This prohibition is consistent...
rating 08 Jul, 2019
Vending Machines
Vending Machines Vending machines are located in all residence halls and most buildings. Vending machines accept cash and EXPRE$$ CASH. Swipe your Eastern EXPRE$$ CARD through the reader on the machine. A credit amount will show on the reader, but only the purchase price will be deducted from your...
rating 08 Jul, 2019
Lost and Found
Lost and Found is located at the University Police Department. Eastern is not responsible for the loss of personal property.
rating 08 Jul, 2019
Items Allowed/Not Allowed In Residence Halls
For a list of items allowed and not allowed in the residence halls at Eastern, please refer to the housing website where you can find a copy of the current housing contract.
rating 08 Jul, 2019
Distribution of Student Paychecks
Student workers are paid on a bi-weekly basis. Students may opt for direct deposit to the bank of their choice. If student is not on direct deposit the paychecks are distributed at the Payroll Office in Gelsi & Young. The Payroll office is open from 8:00-5:00 Monday through Friday. Student...
rating 08 Jul, 2019
Directions to Eastern
Directions to Eastern can be obtained on the Eastern website at http://www.easternct.edu/map/driving-directions/
rating 08 Jul, 2019
Building Codes for Course Locations
Please click the following link for building Codes for course locations http://www.easternct.edu/registrar/forms/building-codes/
rating 08 Jul, 2019
Science Building
Opened in fall 2008, the Science Building consolidates all science disciplines taught at Eastern Connecticut State University into one facility. The building houses the departments of Biology, Math and Computer Science, Environmental Earth Science, and Physical Science, as well as the Institute...
rating 08 Jul, 2019