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Getting Started with OneDrive
Upload photos and files to OneDrive (includes video) What do the OneDrive icons mean? ...
rating 19 Feb, 2019
Sharing OneDrive files and folders
Sharing OneDrive files and folders
rating 19 Feb, 2019
Logging into SelfService (eWeb)
Access Self Service (eWeb) by first logging into the Office 365. You no longer need your Eastern ID and PIN. Accessing from the O365 portal page: Access SelfService (eWeb) through the Office 365 portal at: ...
rating 13 Feb, 2019
Copy a Blackboard Course
Every semester new blank Blackboard courses are generated by the system. If a faculty member has taught the course in a previous semester or has access to another course they want to copy material from, the following steps will copy the course from the old semester to the new one. NOTE: Leave...
rating 24 Jan, 2019
Send Email to All Users with Blackboard
Email can be sent to the Eastern Email accounts of all students. Any replies they send will go to the instructor's Eastern Email account. Log into Blackboard Go to Use your Eastern email account and password to access log in. Find the course you want to...
rating 18 Jan, 2019
Password Management
Password Management: A. When a notification states your password is expired or will expire soon B. To change a password that has not yet expired NOTE: If you've forgotten your password, you will need to contact the ITS Help Desk at (860)-465-4346 and select Option 1. A. When a notification...
rating 17 Jan, 2019
Faculty Z-Drives to be Retired
Information Technology Services will be migrating all faculty Z: Drive data to individual Microsoft OneDrive for Business accounts during February and March. Once your department has been scheduled to be moved, you will be notified of the exact time. Microsoft OneDrive for Business offers several...
rating 16 Jan, 2019
Eastern maintains a WebEx service that can be accessed at First time users who need to run a Webex meeting should click on Sign In and create an account using the Sign Up option. Once signed in, users can create meetings. Attendees don't require an account, only the...
rating 07 Jan, 2019
Student Technology Accounts (Email, Computer Lab, Blackboard)
IMPORTANT NOTE: Computer accounts are not to be shared with other users; when evidence of account sharing is found, all parties involved will be considered to be in violation of this policy. Please review Article 223: ECSU Policy on Computer Use All Eastern students have a Technology account...
rating 02 Jan, 2019
Faculty/Staff Technology Accounts (Email, Computers, Blackboard)
Faculty and Staff must first fill out and submit the ITS Computer Account Application Form. Your account will be created and you will be notified with a username and password to access it. IMPORTANT NOTE: Computer accounts are not to be shared with other users; when evidence of account sharing...
rating 04 Dec, 2018
Review a Portfolio Submission
If you are required, the provost will have added you to a Blackboard Organization named for the review you are involved in. You will find this in Blackboard, on either the My Eastern tab or the Community Tab, provided you still have the default My Organizations Module there. If you have removed...
rating 03 Dec, 2018
Course Evaluations
The course evaluation link is active for students in eWeb 21 days prior to the last day of classes and for 4 days following the last day of the term. To evaluate a course (students): Login to eWeb Self Service via Office 365 (Eastern Email): Article 21: Logging into SelfService (eWeb) Click...
rating 29 Nov, 2018
Requesting Software Installations in Offices, Computer Labs, and Classrooms
Note: The process below is for faculty and staff to request software purchases for Eastern owned devices. Faculty and staff who wish to obtain software for their personal devices should refer to Article 235: Purchasing Hardware and Software (Home Use). To Request Software Purchases and...
rating 26 Oct, 2018
Add Users to a Blackboard Course
Blackboard allows an instructor to add other users to their course who are not automatically added by registration. Log into your course. Expand the Users and Groups section on the Control Panel. Select Users Click Find Users to Enroll on the action bar, above the Search tool at the top...
rating 19 Oct, 2018
Exporting your Data and Surveys from
To download a copy of your survey questions as a Word, PDF or HTML: Log into Click on the survey you wish to export. Under the Edit menu, click the Design tab. In the upper right-hand design menu click download. Select the type of file you wish. A report download pop-up...
rating 09 Oct, 2018
Smart Classroom Student Use Instructions
As a response to faculty requests to minimize login times at Smart Classroom lecterns, ITS has taken actions to relax DeepFreeze restrictions on all Windows computers in the nearly 70 Smart Classrooms on-campus. Note: This does not include lecterns in any of the computer labs. The trade-off...
rating 04 Oct, 2018
Lectern Console Quick Reference
These guides describe the basic use of the Media Lecterns in Computer Classrooms: Lectern Guide (Buttons) Lectern Guide (Touchscreen)
rating 04 Oct, 2018
Web Publishing Accounts
Faculty and Staff that manage websites at Eastern have Wordpress accounts. They are not connected to any other account at Eastern. Account are acquired by contacting University Relations and requesting an account and a site to work on. Forgotten passwords can be recovered using the Forgot Password...
rating 06 Sep, 2018
Purchasing Hardware and Software (Home Use and On Campus)
Purchasing Hardware and Software Faculty requests for new hardware and software should be directed to the department chair. Requests are prioritized by the department chair and forwarded to the Dean's office. CIT offers consultation on technical issues related to potential purchases. Please note...
rating 05 Sep, 2018
Hiding a Blackboard Course or Term
Note: This process is to hide a course from your personal course lists. It does not hide a course from other participants. It only hides it from your list as a means of simplifying your list. Faculty who want to hide a course from students should follow the instructions in Article 503: Make a...
rating 05 Sep, 2018
Make a Course Unavailable in Blackboard
Faculty can make a complete course unavailable to their students while they build it, rather than make individual parts of it hidden. To do this follow the instructions at
rating 05 Sep, 2018
Reserving and Using Labs and Multimedia Classrooms
Scheduling The University uses the EMS Scheduling Software system. Any Eastern staff member, faculty member, or student can see the availability of spaces and request spaces by logging into the following web page: If you are new to using EMS at Eastern...
rating 05 Sep, 2018
Adding Printers on Campus Using the Web Interface
IMPORTANT: These instructions are intended for use only with Internet Explorer on a PC. Adding a Printer: Navigate to using Internet Explorer 11 (not Edge). Identify the manufacturer of the printer you are trying to add. It can often be found on the printer's...
rating 31 Aug, 2018
Installing Adobe Creative Cloud Applications
All university owned windows computers have the main Adobe Creative Cloud application installed, which manages the individual Adobe applications (Photoshop, Acrobat, etc.). However, due to the size, the standard Eastern package only includes some of the individual applications. If the...
rating 27 Aug, 2018
Student Z-Drives To Be Retired
Eastern is retiring the current student network file shares, known as the Z: Drive. The new default file storage system will be Microsoft OneDrive for Business. This move will not only provide greater accessibility and more granular recovery, it significantly increases storage for each student by...
rating 23 Aug, 2018

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