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Recording presentation with MS Team Meet Now Feature and Sharing Resulting Video
You can use the Meet Now feature in MS Teams to record your presentation. Note: You won't need to invite anyone to use the feature. Locate Teams in O365 Initiate a Meet now session Share screen in a MS Teams meeting Locate Stream in O365 Get share link for video Pasting share link in...
rating 27 Mar, 2023
Banner Account Request Forms
Form - Banner Account Request for Finance and HR Form - Banner Account Request for Budget Inquiry Form - Banner Account Request for Alumni - AR - Financial Aid - Student Form - Banner Account Request for Student Workers Form - Banner Account Request for Student Workers with Elevated Access
rating 21 Mar, 2023
rating 06 Mar, 2023
Converting Paper Tests and uploading into Blackboard
Here are two tool options that can help convert your paper test to BlackBoard ready files test import files. https://ed.oc.edu/blackboardquizgenerator/ (Recommended) https://resources.online.nwtc.edu/blackboard/test-generator/ Provides 2 instructional videos The following link...
rating 22 Feb, 2023
Sign Up for an Eastern Webex Account
Webex accounts are created using the instructions below, they are specific to Eastern and not related to the free accounts you can get at Webex's main site. Note, students do not need an account to join a presentation, only the host (professor) needs an account. Students can sign up if they want...
rating 01 Feb, 2023
Copy a Blackboard Course
Every semester new blank Blackboard courses are generated by the system. If a faculty member has taught the course in a previous semester or has access to another course they want to copy material from, the following steps will copy the course from the old semester to the new one. NOTE: Leave...
rating 24 Jan, 2023
Weighted Total Column in Blackboard's Full Grade Center
Purpose and Applications: The WEIGHTED TOTAL column enables instructors to set the weight (or value) of individual assignments and assignment categories independent of the number of points in an assignment. If you set every assignment to 100 points but count one assignment as 10% and another as...
rating 20 Jan, 2023
Blackboard Combined Sections Request
This form should be filled out by the course owner for the purpose of combining separate Blackboard sections into a single section. This is not for combining Cross Listed Courses. Cross Listed Courses should be combined automatically. IMPORTANT: The combination process will remove any content...
rating 05 Jan, 2023
How to Embed a Video into a Blackboard Course from the Build Content menu
rating 27 Dec, 2022
Banner Information Guide (Deans & Dept. Chairs)
This is an outdated document but the information is relevant. Be advised that the screenshots will not look the same in our current Banner setup. Banner Information Guide (Deans & Dept. Chairs)
rating 16 Dec, 2022
Remote Desktop Access
The following will allow you to gain access to your desktop computer from home via the VPN. IMPORTANT: The VPN server will auto disconnect you after either 30 minutes of inactivity, or one hour of connect time. If you still have work to do, you may browse back to the VPN server and sign back in...
rating 07 Dec, 2022
Printing Transcripts Banner
Printing Transcripts Banner
rating 30 Nov, 2022
Using E-Web: Online Services for Faculty
Using E-Web: Online Services for Faculty
rating 30 Nov, 2022
Using E-Web: Online Services for Students
Using E-Web: Online Services for Students
rating 30 Nov, 2022
General Navigation Reference Guide for Banner
General Navigation Reference Guide for Banner
rating 29 Nov, 2022
E-Web Unofficial Degree Evaluation- Instructions for Students
E-Web Unoffical Degree Evaluation - Instructions for Students Following are brief step-by-step instructions on how to process an unofficial degree evaluation for your current program of study and performing a "What-If" scenario if you were to change your major. Please note that approved course...
rating 23 Nov, 2022
General Banner Information
General Banner Information Banner is an administrative Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system developed specifically for higher education institutions hosted by our cloud provider Ellucian. Banner maintains student, alumni, financial and personnel data. Banner also integrates with...
rating 22 Nov, 2022
Adding a Course Tool Link
The instructions below show how to add a Tool Link to the course menu found on the left side of a Blackboard course. Click on the circle-plus icon (1) on the upper left-hand corner of the course menu. Click Tool Link from the resulting menu (2). Give the Tool Link a name (3) Pull...
rating 13 Oct, 2022
Instructions to access your Quarantine Folder
To verify emails that have gone to quarantine, go to your Quarantine page via the following link: https://security.microsoft.com/quarantine. Once there, you will see a list of emails that can be sorted and filtered. For specific how-to instructions, please refer to the following links: To...
rating 23 Sep, 2022
Work at Home and Online Class Toolbox for Students
Office 365 (Teams) You can access the Office 365 suite from home using a web browser. You can check your Outlook email, and use a variety of applications, as well as install them on your personal machine. Overview of Office and how to get it installed on your personal devices Office 365 in...
rating 16 Sep, 2022
Deploy a Test in Blackboard
Navigate to a Content Area where the test is to be deployed (Assignments, Course Documents, etc.) Ex: Hover your cursor over the Assessments button. Click on Test. Click the title of the test that needs to be deployed. Click Submit. NOTE: You will then be directed to...
rating 29 Aug, 2022
Exporting a Test, Survey, or Pool in Blackboard
On the Control Panel, expand the Course Tools section and select Tests, Surveys, and Pools. Choose one of the options to export, e.g., Tests. Click on the chevron icon of the test that needs to be exported and click Export to Local Computer. NOTE: The file export will be...
rating 29 Aug, 2022
Eastern maintains a WebEx service that can be accessed at https://easternct.webex.com. First time users who need to run a Webex meeting should click on Sign In and create an account using the Sign Up option. Once signed in, users can create meetings. Attendees don't require an account, only the...
rating 23 Aug, 2022
What Computer Should I Buy?
Any brand Windows (Dell, HP, Lenovo) or Mac product will suit most user's needs at Eastern. If you have some experience with either Mac or PC, you should choose one you are comfortable with, there’s no need to add the stress of learning a new system with all the other new responsibilities you will...
rating 15 Aug, 2022
Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Help for Students/Participants
The following link contains information from Blackboard about the Collaborate Ultra Experience for Students/Participants: https://help.blackboard.com/Collaborate/Ultra/Participant
rating 10 Aug, 2022