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Faculty/Staff Technology Accounts (Email, Computers, Blackboard)
Faculty and Staff must first fill out and submit the ITS Computer Account Application Form. Your account will be created and you will be notified with a username and password to access it. IMPORTANT NOTE: Computer accounts are not to be shared with other users; when evidence of account sharing...
rating 19 Sep, 2023
Instructions to access your Quarantine Folder
To verify emails that have gone to quarantine, go to your Quarantine page via the following link: https://security.microsoft.com/quarantine. Once there, you will see a list of emails that can be sorted and filtered. For specific how-to instructions, please refer to the following links: To...
rating 05 Sep, 2023
Global Field Courses
Chris Drewry, Director of Co-Curricular Academic Programming Library, Room 227 Global Field Courses studyabroad@easternct.edu Eastern offers Global Field Courses (GFC) throughout the academic year but most often in early summer. Student participants travel as a group with other enrolled...
rating 31 Aug, 2023
Study Abroad
Chris Drewry, Director of Co-Curricular Academic Programming Library, 227 Study Abroad - Eastern Eastern has an extensive Study Abroad Program. Full-time students may apply to study, for one semester, one year, or a summer or winter intersession at an extensive number of universities...
rating 31 Aug, 2023
National Student Exchange
Chris Drewry, Director of Co-Curricular Academic Programming Library, Room 227 https://nse.org/ Eastern is a member of the National Student Exchange (NSE). Full-time students may apply to study, for one semester or one year, at over 170 member colleges or universities in the United...
rating 31 Aug, 2023
Financial Aid
The Financial Aid Office is located on the main floor of the Wood Student Services Center and includes Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs. The Office also retains a website https://www.easternct.edu/financial-aid/index.html that specifies policies, procedures, and helps with frequently asked...
rating 31 Aug, 2023
Disabling Wifi On HP Printers
Note: Some HP Wifi-compatible printers may interfere with campus wireless network activity. To keep wireless channels free of interference, follow the steps below to disable HP wireless printer services. For most models: Use the printer menu and locate the Setup option. Select Network from...
rating 25 Aug, 2023
Connecting to Wifi at Eastern and Finding Your Mac Address
The instructions below relate to using ECSU BYOD5. If you are using eduroam, please see Article 180: Wireless Services. When you see a list of signals, you will see three (BYOD, BYOD5, and Eduroam), we recommend BYOD5. The recommendation is based on the signal that has the best speed. Any...
rating 25 Aug, 2023
Form - Technology Account Application
Adobe Sign Account Request Workflow The new Adobe Sign Computer Account Request workflow is available here. The workflow can be completed by following the steps below: Enter the recipient information in the Applicant and Department Head required fields. Enter a Cc'd recipient if so...
rating 24 Aug, 2023
Payment of Tuition and Fee Bills
As with any school or institution, there are many rules and regulations regarding tuition and fees. If you or your family members have questions about any of the following information, please call the Bursar’s Office in the Alvin B. Wood Support Services Center at ext. 55255, or off-campus at...
rating 23 Aug, 2023
Religious Life & Food Pantry
RELIGIOUS LIFE: Father Larry LaPointe (Catholic) 860-423-0856 Rabbi Jeremy Schwartz (Jewish) 860-423-3743 Campus Ministry Office 860-423-0856 Campus Ministry - Eastern The Foundation for Campus Ministry, Inc. sponsors several part-time campus...
rating 23 Aug, 2023
Distribution of Student Paychecks
Student workers are paid on a bi-weekly basis. Students should enter their time in Core-CT time and labor timesheet module and should reach out to their supervisors if assistance is needed. Instructions are located on the payroll website. Students should opt for direct deposit to the bank of their...
rating 23 Aug, 2023
Cervantes and Shakespeare Parking Garages
The Cervantes Garage provides 719 parking spaces for faculty, staff, commuter students, and visitors. The Shakespeare Garage, opened in the 2011 Spring semester, provides 807 parking spaces to serve students, faculty, staff and...
rating 23 Aug, 2023
Wood Support Services Center
The Alvin B. Wood Support Services Center was named in honor of CSU Board of Trustees member and longtime Eastern supporter, Alvin B. Wood. Many support service and administrative offices are located in this building. Ground Level Copy Center Vending area Elevator access Level I ...
rating 23 Aug, 2023
Health Services Building
The Student Health Service is at 185 Birch Street, adjacent to Windham Street Apartments. For information regarding hours and services, see the "Student Services" section of this handbook.
rating 23 Aug, 2023
Goddard Hall
Located on the north campus and connected to the Communications Building, Goddard Hall contains Education, Psychology, faculty offices, general purpose classrooms, and a lecture hall.
rating 23 Aug, 2023
Gelsi-Young Hall
The Frederick A. Gelsi and Leslie T. Young Hall, which is connected to the Alvin B. Wood Support Services Center, houses most of Eastern's executive offices. University Relations, Institutional Advancement, and Alumni Affairs are located on the first floor. The office of the president, those of...
rating 23 Aug, 2023
Vehicle Request Policy and Procedures
2023 – 2024 EASTERN CONNECTICUT STATE UNIVERSITY VEHICLE REQUEST POLICY & PROCEDURES (Updated June 2023) Failure to comply fully with this policy may result in loss of vehicle use privileges for the operator and the operator’s department. Please contact Scott Smith, University Vehicle...
rating 23 Aug, 2023
Blackboard Quick Start Guide
When you open a course in Blackboard for the first time, it's blank. And the only obvious place to put content is the Content Collection. However, the Content Collection is only a place to put content for you, as the instructor. It does not make that content available to your students. To do that,...
rating 23 Aug, 2023
Policy on Non-Discrimination
The Office of Equity and Diversity is responsible for ensuring that the University is in compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations including, but not limited to, Title VII and Title IX of the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation...
rating 23 Aug, 2023
Compliance Statement
Eastern Connecticut State University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religious creed, national origin, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, disability including learning disability, past or present history of a mental disability, genetic information, criminal record or other...
rating 23 Aug, 2023
J. Eugene Smith Library
The J. Eugene Smith Library supports and enriches the University’s teaching, learning, research, and outreach objectives by providing services and resources that foster intellectual curiosity and integrity, promote critical inquiry, and encourage awareness of the world beyond the campus. We...
rating 23 Aug, 2023
Eastern Sexual Assault Policy and Procedures
Click Here to see the Eastern Sexual Assault Policy and Procedures.
rating 23 Aug, 2023
Eastern Medical Transport Policy
Policy Statement: A primary concern of the University is the health and well-being of each student; therefore, Eastern is committed to providing the best possible approach and response for students who are transported to off-campus medical facilities for emergency purposes. University...
rating 23 Aug, 2023
Board of Regents Procedures Regarding Medical Leaves of Absence
The universities comprising the Connecticut State Universities are committed to supporting the health and well-being of their students. The universities provide a wide range of counseling services to address the mental and physical health needs of their students, including counseling, psychiatric...
rating 23 Aug, 2023