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Blackboard - Create Groups

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Last updated: 18 Jun, 2024

*** For the most up-to-date information, visit Groups on Blackboard Support. ***

This lesson demonstrates how to create groups in Blackboard. The information is first presented in video format with written instructions to follow. 

Follow these steps to add a group to your course

1. Go to the Control Panel, expand the User and Groups option, and click on "Groups"

2. Decide whether you want to create one group, or a number of groups at the same time

3. If you elect to create one group, decide if you want to assign students to the group, or let them self-enroll

4. Similarly when creating a number of groups, you must decide how you want to students to be assigned to the different groups

5. When creating multiple groups, you can also have the Blackboard randomly assign the students to the different groups

6. Select how you want the students to be enrolled in your group(s), and then give the group or the set of groups, a name. Add a description if you like.

7. Make the Group(s) available, then choose what tools you want to make available to the group(s).

8. If a group member saves a file to the File Exchange tool within their group area, each of the members will have access to that file. The file then can be updated by any member of the group until it is complete. A group member then can attach the file to an Assignment and submit it. The submission will be associated automatically with each member of the group.

9. Allow group members to customize their group space or not, as well as determine the number of groups you want. Then "Submit"

10. Review the existing group set information, then determine whether you want BB to apply any kind of filter to the student selection proces

11. Assign students into the three groups, which you can name according to the roles they will adopt

12. Even though you decided to manually enroll students, BB gives you another oportunity to let the system randomize the groups for you.

13. Assign students to their groups

14. Click Submit. Your groups are now created.

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