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Housing Staff Cable TV Support Procedure

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Last updated: 30 Aug, 2016

Housing Staff Cable TV Support Procuedures

1.  If a student has a problem with their cable TV service they first contact their RA or Hall Director.

2.  If the cable jack is broken off or pushed in, RA or HD submits a service form @ www1.easternct.edu/helpdesk as aPhysically Damaged Cable TV Wall Jack problem.

3 .   If the cable jack is physically OK, the RA or HD tests it with the test TV.

 4.  If the test TV does not show the channels, the RA/HD submits a service form @ www1.easternct.edu/helpdesk as a No Signal problem.

 5.  If the test TV does show the channel, the HD/RA refers the student back to the info sheet which reminds them how to scan the channels on their TV or determine if they have a TV with a QAM tuner and then gives them the options for either purchasing or borrowing an external tuner.

 6.  Student's that wants to borrow a loaner QAM tuner unit must pick it up from Media Services. They must bring their ID and fill out a loan form. The unit must be returned to Media Services it at the end of the school year (or they withdraw from Eastern.)

 7.  If after following all of these steps, the student still has problems, they can contact Media Services by email at:


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