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Getting Started with OneDrive and SharePoint Commons

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Last updated: 2 Jul, 2020

The university replaced personal file shares, known as Z-Drives, and common file shares, known as the Common Drive with Microsoft Cloud services. OneDrive Storage and SharePoint Online can by synced with the OneDrive App on your computer letting you interact with your data via Windows Explorer, like you did with previous common and Z-drives. If you are dealing with large media files, it also has a feature called Files on Demand, giving you a method for determining which files are fully synced on the local drive and which only show a reference file. Thus, you can designate some files you use all the time as being local, while other files you don’t use often will only show up as a reference. It will pull it down if you try to open it, but then when you close it, it syncs up the cloud and doesn’t take space on the local drive. If you aren’t dealing with large media files, the default settings are sufficient. 

Most computers on campus will have One Drive Storage automatically synced in the One Drive App, but SharePoint sites will require you to set up syncing. The documents below provide instructions for getting started with the OneDrive App and Syncing with SharePoint.

Upload photos and files to OneDrive (includes video):

What do the OneDrive icons mean?

Using OneDrive Files On-Demand in Windows (includes video):

Syncing SharePoint Files with OneDrive:

Syncing SharePoint for Macs (skip the Installation portion of this article and go to the setup):

Using Files on Demand on Macs (Skip the Before You Begin, and skip the download part, and go to the Setup):



OneDrive Troubleshooting for all platforms

OneDrive Virtual Agent – works for both Mac and PC (no installation required)

OneDrive for Mac (while the page is focused on sync problems on a Mac, there are a number of specific troubleshooters for other issues included)


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